WATCH NOW: My interview on EWTN’s “The Journey Home”

Here is the video of my interview on “The Journey Home” that premiered last night on EWTN, in which I share my conversion story with host Marcus Grodi and also talk about the message of my book of Catholic spirituality for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse, My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints.

I am deeply thankful to Marcus, his producer Scott Scholten, and everyone at the Coming Home Network, which produces “The Journey Home,” for letting me tell my story. Thanks too to you, dear reader, if you are among those who have prayed for my apostolate. Your prayers are bearing fruit, as the message of healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints is reaching people like Marion, an EWTN viewer who left this comment on a Feast of Eden post:

i am so happy to know that there is a saint for sexual injured children. i watched dawn eden and felt hope. i learned there is hope for my healing at 58 years of age. i have been to many doctors and others but unless you have lived it you can never really understand.

Please keep up the prayers for Marion and for others like him, that they may find healing for their wounds through the love of all the Communion of Saints (in heaven and on earth) and the glorified wounds of the risen Christ.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    Nice job Dawn! I enjoyed the interview very much, coming away with not only some useable quotes, but with insights as well.
    I am surprised that EWTN isn’t re-airing that interview on the 1 PM Tuesday slot, where they typically re-run Monday night’s show – I wanted to hear it again. Glad you posted that show here.

    • Dawn Eden

      Thanks so much, Tina! Regarding repeats, as far as I know, EWTN usually repeats episodes at 1 a.m. (not p.m.) Tuesday, and then again at 1 p.m. on Friday. My interview did air at 1 a.m. this morning, and it’s supposed to repeat in the Friday slot as well.

  • victor

    We watched this last night and enjoyed it very much! You and Marcus Grodi have a very good rapport. I would not have suspected this (not for any particular reason), but the conversation flowed very naturally with a lot of sensitivity and demonstrated a lot of understanding (as well as knowledge!). You two should totally do a regular show together. Not necessarily an interview show (though I’d watch that, too). Maybe something like X-Files meets Father Dowling Mysteries meets Highway to Heaven… “Journey to Eden” or something. I’ll let you guys figure out the title. :-)

    • victor

      Oh! And the point of the show is that you two are travelling around the country investigating reported miracles to find out if they’re valid or not, but along the way you help people heal both themselves and their relationships with other people — and that’s the real miracle: healing. Anyway, we loved the interview and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it!

  • Brendon

    Thank you Dawn, you channeled healing through your vulnerability. Abuse and self-abuse have left me with painful shame. Your courage is inspiring.

  • Troy Jones


    As a father who lost his college senior daughter to a pulmonary embolism, I want you to know your message of suffering being a cracks for Christ to get in is encouraging. At the sometimes, as you probably know, wanting to be healthy requires one to give up the pain which I fear is to quit missing and loving Sydney. And, I just can’t seem to desire good from her death. I somehow hope your message from your dream will be helpful.

    Maybe this makes no sense, just know you sharing your story was one I identified with. May God continue to bless and heal you.

  • Manny

    I never miss TJH and I caught that the other night. You were great and I also caught Tony Rossi’s podcast with you. You have a very important voice in the culture debate and I pray that more people than we devout Catholics are listening to you. God bless.

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  • Ted Seeber

    This coincided with the death of my Father-in-law, but I’ll watch it soon. Thanks for the heads up. It’s on my DVR already!

  • RSVS

    This was another example of how freaking smart Catholic Converts are! I thought I was watching a Mensa coffee break. I loved when Dawn talked about wounds. Dawn’s work is helping so many women in their late 30s and early 40s overcome the liberalist immoral culture that’s wounded them emotionally and physically. God Bless the work of Dawn Eden and Marcus Grodi – may it continue to florish and save souls. (Side question: what silver medal was she wearing and what did her pin say?)

    • Dawn Eden

      Thanks, RSVS! The medals are Pius X, Our Lady of Prompt Succor, and a “four-way” cross medal (four medals in one, including a Brown Scapular Medal) that my dad gave me after finding it in a bag of old coins he bought in Mexico.

  • Lina

    Dear Dawn,
    I watch the show from video on EWTN last night. It was not the first time I had heard you speak. It must have been a couple of years before. I was very happy and impressed by the very deep insights you have received and are able to articulate with great sensitivity to others (your parents). Would that all Catholics and Christian would take the time to seek the fullnest of the truth. Jesus said:
    ” I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. I would like to have a conversation with you. I would recommend certain works to you for your dear soul. Also there is a group of lay women that have taken vows as you seek in Edmonton, Alberta

    God richly Bless you and yours and your work And hold on to you with both hands
    Lina (dofdw)

    • Dawn Eden

      Thanks so much, Lina! Sorry to edit your comment, but I’m concerned about liability if I am seen as promoting product claims that have not been verified by the FDA.

  • Monica

    Thank you so much for sharing your story of healing. I’ve found so much hope in what you shared!! I hope to share that hope with others! I will be praying for you and your vocation. I actually just started reading your book last night….it’s amazing. God bless!

    • Dawn Eden

      Monica, so happy you enjoyed my interview, and especially that you seek to share your hope with others. Really appreciate your prayers! Praying for you and commending you to Our Lady.