Author who survived Kate Middleton’s disease helps women get beyond morning sickness

Ashli McCall talks about hyperemesis gravidarum on CNN in 2007

The Washington Post‘s “On Faith” has a must-read story by my friend Ashli McCall about her apostolate to suffering pregnant women: Ashli McCall: “Surviving Kate Middleton’s pregnancy disease was a test of faith.

Ashli is the author of Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum, the only comprehensive, physician-approved patient’s guide to the illness that currently afflicts the Duchess of Cambridge. Through her website, Ashli ministers to HG sufferers by connecting them with volunteers who have survived the disease. Over the past five years, she and her volunteers have helped more than a thousand women. They have also donated two thousand copies of Beyond Morning Sickness, mostly to obstetricians’ and gynecologists’ offices.

Truly, Ashli and her volunteers are engaged in a labor of love, and I am thankful to see their work finally getting coverage in the mainstream media. The sad thing is that it took a celebrity’s illness to bring HG and those who suffer from it into the spotlight. Please pray for Kate’s recovery and for all the other women who have the disease.

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