A free podcast of the talk I gave today at Notre Dame on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints …

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  • Anne

    Dawn, I would l just like to know your opinion on deliverance ministries and the book ‘Unbound’ by Neal Lozano if you have heard of it. Personally I find it a bit disturbing and dangerous when directions are given in the book on how to ‘deliver someone from demonic forces’. I think personally people need proper training and guidance in this whole area and should not take upon themselves this ministry as it could do much harm to others and to themselves. Much of this deliverance ministry comes from the Pentecostal and other Christian Churches. We have the Sacraments and the writings of the Saints and the Teachings of the Church. I haven’t seen any emphasis on deliverance ministry from the writings of any of the Saints. I am not sure if I want this seen as a comment, but I could not locate your email. God bless you and all your work.