GUEST POST: “Why I Don’t Buy It,” by Kevin Tierney

The following piece by Kevin Tierney is reprinted with permission from his blog Common Sense Catholicism: With far less fanfare than before, Matt McGuiness concludes his “Second Look at Porn” series over at Catholic News Agency.  I can only say that if he had simply jettisoned the first two columns and instead just published this, he would [Read More...]

Almer mattered: Washington Post profiles the late “Along Comes Mary” songwriter

Kudos to the Washington Post‘s Matt Schudel for writing a thoughtful obituary of the enigmatic “Along Comes Mary” songwriter Tandyn Almer, whom I profiled last month on this blog. [Read more...]

A free podcast of the talk I gave today at Notre Dame on healing sexual wounds with the help of the saints …

… awaits you on my personal blog, The Dawn Patrol. [Read more...]

Memo to Matt McGuiness and Catholic News Agency: Confession is not a waste of time

Catholic News Agency columnist Matt McGuiness yesterday published part two in his series “A Second Look at Porn, which I read with interest, having heavily criticized the first installment. The new column has many improvements over the first. Although I could do without the lighthearted characterization of pornographic images as “naughty nudes,” which betrays a [Read More...]

“Except for these chains”: A story of grace behind prison walls

I write about spiritual healing for adults who have suffered childhood sexual abuse, so it may seem strange that lately I have found myself praying for Father Gordon J. MacRae (left), a Catholic priest who has been imprisoned since 1994 on abuse charges. Father MacRae came to my attention through his friend Father George David [Read More...]

In his own image: Christopher West reshapes Ratzinger’s critique of iconoclasm

The following is an article I wrote that was published in the April 2012 issue of Inside the Vatican. Since its publication, Christopher West has published a new book, which I have not yet read (you can read Simcha Fisher’s review of it here). Christopher West in At the Heart of the Gospel maintains that, [Read More...]

Beauty ever ancient and ever new

Sarah de Nordwall, whom I had the great pleasure of meeting earlier this month, sends this gorgeous versification of St. Augustine’s commentary on Psalm 44:3, which she in turn received from an Augustinian monk. Augustine interprets the Psalm as describing Christ: He is beautiful in heaven; beautiful on earth; beautiful in the womb; beautiful in [Read More...]

Welcome, “Morning Air” listeners!

Many thanks to Sean Herriott for having me back on his Relevant Radio show “Morning Air” today! If you are discovering this blog in search of more information on my book My Peace I Give You: Healing Sexual Wounds with the Help of the Saints and its message, I invite you to watch my appearance on [Read More...]

Message to Matt McGuiness and Catholic News Agency: Sexual victimization is no laughing matter

I was viscerally distressed reading “A Second Look at Porn” by Matt McGuiness, a new columnist for Catholic News Agency. The column begins with a laugh line from a Hollywood movie that makes light of a teenage girl’s being sodomized. We are supposed to find it funny that a boy “used her body.” Mr. McGuiness [Read More...]

The psychodramas and the traumas gone, the songs are left unsung: Tandyn Almer, 1942-2013

Yesterday I was humbled to attend the funeral of a remarkable man I never met in person, but without whose music the course of my life would have been much different: Tandyn Almer, the songwriter best known for penning the Association’s groundbreaking debut hit “Along Comes Mary.” Tandyn Almer, circa 1966, pictured on cover of [Read More...]