Your Very Cells Call the Divine into Ending Our Rape Culture

Audrie Pott

After my last post about the Patheos theme of “Defining Moments” Mike Helbert left the comment, “It’s been awhile!” (Thanks for your note Mike!) It’s been awhile because I’ve been speechlessly saddened over the past several weeks as I listened to news story after story about young women committing suicide after being raped, often not [Read More...]

Call Me Crazy: Daring to Discern God in My Odd Defining Moments

Wild ride.

My three most significant defining moments over the past decade have had one thing in common: they involved the decision to listen to some “crazy” people and ignore some “smart” ones. Learning to discern whose wacky wisdom to take to heart and whose sober advice to set aside has been a precarious curve, but the [Read More...]

Repenting of Not Lenting: Forty Days of Femmevangelical

Wherever two or more are gathered...

To Lent or not to Lent? ‘With whom’ is the question. I was raised Southern Baptist, and growing up we did not observe Lent. In some ways, probably mainly because I had never participated, it sounded exotic: 40 days of personal preparation and mysterious transformation of some sort before getting to celebrate Easter, a sober [Read More...]

This isn’t about Beyoncé. It’s about sex.

Image by Chris Gaythen/Getty Images from

What would it look like for women to truly, publicly, culturally claim our  power over our female sexuality? Would it look like a typical male lap-dance fantasy? Would it look like holding it closer and more geared for our own fulfillment? Or do we even know? I’m ready to start trying to find out… [Warning: [Read More...]

Sugar and spice and whatever Musburger likes… wait, remind me what we’re made of?

This shot comes from a fan site in a section called "Hee Haw Jailbait." Alrighty then.

The first time I remember it happening to me I was probably six years old, and the bearer of the shocking news was the 1970-80’s television variety hit Hee Haw. Billed a family show brimming with widely popular songs and skits loosely based on rural Southern farm culture, the show at the time was as [Read More...]

The God Who Shows Up When God Disappears: Newtown, CT

Is this the guy in the sky?

The courage to take the anxiety of meaninglessness upon oneself is the boundary line up to which the courage to be can go. Beyond it is mere non-being. Within it all forms of courage are re-established in the power of the God above the God of theism. The courage to be is rooted in the [Read More...]

Bad Faith and a Good Scandal: Kathie Lee Gifford Brings the Gospel to Broadway


Kathie Lee Gifford is a bad follower of Jesus. Her humility and sincerity in describing her personal faith journey, one that began at age 12, is indicative of a woman who leads a rich, bold life of risks and rewards, successes and struggles, questions and … not answers, but something much more valuable: meaningful experiences. [Read More...]

The Worst Lie of Election 2012: Women Are “Shiny Objects” of “Distraction”

A stamp commemorates suffrage; a woman's right to vote was ratified in 1920. Our votes to sustain our rights are increasingly important in 2012.

Content Director’s Note: This post is a part of our Election Month at Patheos feature. Patheos was designed to present the world’s most compelling conversations on life’s most important questions. Please join the Facebook following for our new News and Politics Channel — and check back throughout the month for more commentary on Election 2012. [Read More...]

In the Bosom of God: Holy Female Embodiment in a Male Fantasy World


I have not been able to forget the news story that recently kicked off the new school year for the nation: that American University assistant anthropology professor Adrienne Pine breast-fed her feverish, fitful  baby in the classroom in order to avoid cancelling the first day of class. A debate about the appropriateness of this brief, [Read More...]

Eve Up His Sleeve: The Political Spin on Original Sin

Whose fruit is it, anyway? Photo by Kazuma Ogaeri.

Why women of Christian faith – and all political persuasions – must speak out against politicians who use “’biblical authority” against our full equality. Despite the separation of church and state, politicians have long consulted their faith in policy making, and at times that’s where some of the best ideas for leading justly have originated. Politicians [Read More...]