Archives for June 2011

Michele McHall video: What is the Whole IQ?

In this clip, Michele talks about the connection between awakening the Whole IQ: Spirit, Heart, Mind, and Body intelligences and the relationship to the four quadrants in our brain. As we develop our awareness and capacity to understand and live from the whole brain, we generate more connections, possibilities and intimacy because we are less [Read More…]

Thrown Back

Twenty years ago today, the tumor growing in my skull vanished and I was thrown back in the streets like Lazarus. Today the rain is a fine mist and I open my face for a long time, till I remember again that it is skin receiving water from the sky. After twenty times around the [Read More…]

My Own Path

I was born with the ability to see in metaphor. This has been my inborn way of relating to the one living sense. From the earliest age, the world has spoken to me in this way. The analogous relationship of things has called, not in words, but in a silent language that has somehow shown [Read More…]

In the Back of the Eye

What the heart sees from under its break is always true. When I had cancer and Grandma died, that moment erupted, a silent explosion that sent her away and deeper into me at the same time. When the sun came up behind that mountain on the way to Santa Fe, my soul somehow knew it [Read More…]

The Better Way to Go

One at a time, they come off the plane: looking for someone, arriving alone, returning, beginning. They get off. I wait to get on. Suddenly, it’s not just the 11:35 to Chicago. But the immigrants leaving Europe. Or the thousands filing in and out to see the lost Buddhas of Cambodia. Or the box- cars [Read More…]