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Michele’s vlog: The Power of Heart Intelligence

Our hearts are the meaning maker in our lives and if we are to be genuinely engaged and motivated, we must listen to our hearts. [Read more…]

Those Who’ve Fallen Through

Lyn Hartley is an independent educator who lives in the wilds of the Yukon. She tells the story of two skiers crossing a frozen lake at night. Sliding through the snow with flashlights, they came upon a moose fallen through the ice. The enormous creature was stuck shoulder high. It was clear the moose couldn’t [Read More…]


How do they do it? The ones washed ashore. Who in a broken pile put themselves together. Who after the hurricane sort the rubble for the nails that still can hold. Who after being cut dream of stitches. They are the heroes. The ones who like an old tree grow around anything. The ones who [Read More…]

The Possibility

The early sun is spilling up the thin March trees. Through the barky silhouette, steam un- furls from a neighbor’s roof. Diffused by light, it belongs to everyone. It seems to rise from the center of the earth, seeping enough of the fire that never goes out to keep the day going. This is how [Read More…]

As Far As the Heart Can See audio sample

  [Read more…]


Whenever I try to say what matters, what matters pulls back, slips out of view. But it is there. I felt it in the Jewish Cemetery in Prague, between the wet leaf and the broken stone. There, in the still breathing of the painted mime in Barcelona. In the jaw of Table Mountain overlooking Cape [Read More…]