The Silent We

Through the hotel wall a woman cries, “I can’t do this anymore!” One soft life in one small box in thirty-story boxes across the city. She sends her alarm like a cell letting the body know it can’t hold up its part anymore. If I were a superhero, I’d put my hand to the wall [Read More…]

To Glow

Like light in the sun spilling out of the sun, the spirit within beams its way through all our cracks till our most treasured walls come down.   The coming down of those walls is the blessing we crave and resist.   The coming down of those walls—so the light of the soul like the [Read More…]

The Career of Awakening

By staying in relationship, we gather meaning. By staying in relationship, our Spirit draws closer to the surface. To follow our aliveness is the career of awakening.   Inevitably, certain experiences rearrange us. These unexpected events puncture life as we know it and turn us inside out and upside down. For me, this rearranging event [Read More…]

A Thousand Stories On

We play with the dog on the floor and laugh and lean into each other and your eyes which I know so well stop me. We talk some more, taking off the day before our clothes. Holding you lightly as the wind dies down makes me believe that intimacy is the silk of the world. [Read More…]

The Siren of Insecurity

I was recently in a social setting where a small group motioned for me to join them. Yet when I approached, they made no effort to include me. It seemed a small thing. Perhaps they were immersed in their conversation, but I immediately felt invisible. I don’t think anyone meant any harm. They were unaware [Read More…]

Things Carried Through the Fire

My grandfather’s Talmud. Your picture of Uncle Billy. The innocence of our dog. The things I never show the world. The things I never show myself. The things we believe in. The dream I no longer need. The uncertainty at the center of all my plans. The small flame that keeps changing names. Now the [Read More…]

The Story Behind the Story

The great sculptor Auguste Rodin (1840-1917) is a moving example of how an artist was shaped by his unwavering commitment to find the story behind the story. In 1891, Rodin was commissioned by The Society of Men in Letters in Paris to create his now legendary sculpture of the eminent French novelist Balzac (1799-1850). Rodin [Read More…]

Taking Turns

Our sweet dog Mira has an eye infection and so each day for a week, three times a day, we take turns, calling her to the kitchen where she sits against the cabinet as we hold a warm compress to her sore eye. Today, it’s my turn. The sun is rising and I’m on my [Read More…]

Finding What Can Last

Dr. Leonard was about to trim down an old tooth for a crown and I was all numbed up, listening to the Beatles—Abbey Road—on small headphones. About halfway through, I began to feel the drilling. It wasn’t bad, but I was afraid the drill would hit the nerve and get much worse. Nerve pain in [Read More…]

The Secret is Burning

but I can’t tell if it’s using us up or lighting the way. Back from Prague, I tell my father of the Jewish Cemetery so strangely full of life and ask if he had to hide being a Jew. He says, “Of course. A nail sticking up will get hammered.” At 89, he can barely [Read More…]