Why Creation Care Means Sharing the Gospel

by Alexei LaushkinJohn Stott once asked if those who loved the creator would also be willing to share his one and only son Jesus Christ to a world in need.It's always struck me that you can't separate the works of a Christian from the spreading of the gospel. I'm a big fan of Billy Graham. His name has become synonymous with evangelism in evangelical culture. We are called to share the news of salvation to all and we create those opportunities by following what Jesus has commanded us … [Read more...]

The Unholy Trio

Two weeks ago, U2 lead singer Bono paid a visit to a packed auditorium at the World Bank. In an on-stage conversation with bank president Jim Yong Kim, Bono warned of “an ‘unholy trio’ of extreme poverty, extreme ideology and extreme climate” – which together threaten to stymie global efforts to alleviate poverty and human suffering.The Irish musician and activist is widely recognized for his advocacy for the poor in Africa. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and was granted hon … [Read more...]

My Meeting with Brother Cal

By Mitch HescoxMy wife had a co-worker walk into her area some time ago and proclaimed, “Christians are idiots!” Certainly, the claim smacked of prejudice, extremely poor taste, and perhaps even harassment as the colleague knows my wife’s faith.  Notwithstanding the negatives, part of me understands the comments and the damage many Christian brothers and sisters pile on those outside the Church with ideologies that go beyond what God intended.  We are called to be different – in the world but … [Read more...]

On Idolatry

By Alexei LaushkinA few years ago I started a series on idolatry that I never finished. My original post generated responses from both friends and enemies. At the time I was too shocked by the level of response to continue the series. I had seen too many controversies visa via creation care to continue writing on the topic so I abruptly stopped.Modern idolatry is hard to write about, because idolatry is a matter of personal practice as much as anything else. Idolatry gets to t … [Read more...]

Willing to be Disciples

by Alexei LaushkinIt’s an interesting question, are we are you willing to be discipled?We love to affirm the Great Commission to go and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. But are we willing to come under teaching, are we teachable?Are we willing to hold close the full commission to go forth “teaching them to obey everything that I have commanded?” And what did Jesus command and teach and embody?As we ask th … [Read more...]

Creation Care Fall Photo Contest Winners!

1st Place Winner- Linda HortonI was driving my car in the Northwoods of Kodadjo, Maine on a beautiful fall day on vacation.I  came across this beautiful natural cross and realized that in Creation you find God's love, forgiveness, mercy and justice in any season."I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener" (John 15:1, NIV).2nd Place Winner- Rachel Whitten When I see the golden aspens of Colorado each autumn, they whisper to me what heaven must be like - a sparkling Eden, re … [Read more...]

Healing the Land

We Native Americans are a spiritual people. The ideas of a spiritual realm and living in spiritual harmony are not stretches for us to see and understand.Whether we are born-again evangelical Christians or not, young or old, come from reservations or are scattered across the U.S. landscape, we understand worship, prayer, and the spiritual discipline of fasting.Our ancestors have always been a people who fasted and prayed for answers, for direction, for a good harvest, or just to survive … [Read more...]