The Republican Suicide Continues With Their Hysterical (Anti-Obama) Support For Child-Killing Guns

Add blind support for 30-round ammunition clips, military assault rifles and ownership of semiautomatic weapons, no-background-check gun shows and “right to carry” laws — including the right to carry in schools — to the list of recent Republican Party suicide notes. And to think: I once belonged to the Republican Party, helped marry it to the religious right as I describe in my book Crazy For God, and I’m white, male, 60-years-old and own a gun. I have a son who served in the Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq. And I’m proud of his service. So I should be a perfect NRA clone, right?


And therein lies the desolation of the Republican Party’s future: They are going to lose many more of their very own through their combination with obstinate extremism and plain stupidity. I mean who wants to defend shooting toddlers as a constitutional right?

Who wants to “own” the pictures of weeping mothers? 

The Republican Party does. As if killing themselves with anti-gay marriage homophobia, hatred of Hispanics (masquerading as anti-“illegal” immigrant initiatives) anti-women misogyny (flying under the banner of preventing women from getting contraceptives) and anti-science fundamentalist religion forced into schools wasn’t enough…


This is the new Republican Party “winning” platform? Good luck with that!

All that will be left of the Republican Party are the dregs. The rest of us like me are long gone and this post-child-massacre renewed support for murder called “gun rights” is about to drive the few sane moderates from the fold. And to think they had a chance here to rethink their gun rights position and modify it!

Fat chance. The Republicans seem incapable of keeping up with the times. They just passed up a hell-sent chance to moderate their opinions. They passed it up, just as Romney passed up his chance to win women back by not publicly blasting Rush Limbaugh when he called a young woman a “whore” for standing up for her reproductive rights re contraception.

Mark this day as a turning point.

Just as the Republicans now own racism in America (after their irrational and failed and amazing anti-president Obama hyperbole, from the Tea Party to the “birthers”) and just as the Republican Party now owns anti-immigrant legislative initiatives… and just as the Republican Party has alienated just about every thinking educated woman in America… now  they cleverly are gearing up to further be seen empowering a mass murder “craze.”

As Republicans oppose president Obama’s attempt to rein in the most insane and permissive gun laws in the world – which allow everything from multiple military style types of ammunition to “cop killing” bullets designed to pierce body armor, the “right to carry” laws bordering on the humorous if they weren’t so lethal including the right to carry into churches, schools, public parks and God knows what else – now they have once again sought the lowest common denominator position this time on killing children. And that leaves them vulnerable to excruciating exposure to their well-earned title as today’s political Neanderthals.

As the New York Times noted:

While the death of 20 children at Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday appears to have persuaded some Democratic lawmakers to support new gun control measures, there has been little indication that Republicans who control the House — and are in a standoff with Mr. Obama over taxes — are willing to accept such restrictions.

House Democrats urged Speaker John A. Boehner on Wednesday to bring a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines to a vote by Saturday — a step he is highly unlikely to take.

Representative Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, an influential conservative leader, said in a statement that “it is clear that criminals will always find ways to acquire weapons and use them to commit acts of violence.”

“Passing more restrictions on law-abiding citizens will not deter this type of crime,” he said.

This week, Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa told an Iowa radio station, KSCJ, that… “We all had our cap pistols when I was growing up, and that didn’t seem to cause mass murders in the street.”


The Republicans are going to have to trade in their symbol of the elephant for a new logo: the dinosaur. Maybe the dinosaur should be carrying an assault rifle.

The Republicans have aligned themselves with billionaires against the rest of us. Now they are about to embrace the defending the murder of children and trivializing it with talk of “cap pistols.” That’s the moral equivalant of the talk about rape that derailed the fools running in the last election cycle.

Republican “God intended rape” … “We all had cap gun” fools: It’s a trend.

The Old Male White Constituency of  Republicans just got smaller. There are many white males, even plenty of uneducated gun owning white males, who love their children more than they love some weirdly stretched loyalty to the Second Amendment or even Fox News.

I say weirdly stretched because no serious student of American history (even old white guys like me) believes that the right to carry an assault weapon in public, or to carry a concealed semiautomatic pistol in a church, or to own vast quantities of military style cop-killing weapons — including grenade launchers — is what our founders had in mind by a well regulated militia.

So the Republicans have once again shown their unerring genius for choosing a lose/lose position.

Republicans will have to get even more used to losing. And those losses will no doubt give some aging white males even more paranoid fact-free “reasons” to cling to their guns and thereby to facilitate the killers of children. This is the price of right wing delusional freedom. It is a kind of  “freedom” that looks more like madness with every child being buried this week.

Frank Schaeffer is a writer and author of Crazy for God: How I Grew Up as One of the Elect, Helped Found the Religious Right, and Lived to Take All (or Almost All) of It Back .

About Frank Schaeffer

Frank Schaeffer is an American author, film director, screenwriter and public speaker. He is the son of the late theologian and author Francis Schaeffer. He became a Hollywood film director and author, writing several internationally acclaimed novels including And God Said, "Billy!" as well as the Calvin Becker Trilogy depicting life in a fundamentalist mission home-- Portofino, Zermatt, and Saving Grandma.

  • Jeff

    I work a place where this thinking is sadly, normal. The mystery is that these workers claim their Christian faith to boot. I certainly don’t blame God or Christianity. I think in these instances the male ego is out of control with the help of a constant dosage of FOX News and other conservative BS which seems to dominates the airwaves.

    • Veritas

      That was fabulous Jeffy, think of alkl those Fox viewers killing children day after day. Its a horror, especially when all those male egos use their fists, hammers, and screwdrivers to maim and kill in East St Louis, Detroit, Flint, Newark and New Orleans. All well known centers of white conservatives, lurking to push their race hate and unprogressive thoughts and agendas. Clearly this is why the lilly white god fearing areas of the countries are such noted kill zones (as mentioned before) rather than progressive areas.

      Keep up the clear analysis comrade. The appartcheks love it.

  • Eduardo Mitchell

    …there are actual “thinking” Republicans”!? Well – Frank Schaeffer had his just deserts for openly introducing “religion” in politics… What the hell did he expect!?!?? Any serious student of history KNOWS that the introduction of “religion” (irrational, magic thinking) ALWAYS end up with the crazies in command – and the weak-minded IDIOTS religiously following them off a REAL cliff..
    The real pity is that the rest of us must suffer for his “sins”: the destruction of one of the two parties misruling the US. It’s time to reform the political system – so that it actually responds to the needs and wishes of the widest majority – NOT those of the same old 1% that has misruled, killed, oppressed and debased the 99% throughout 99,9% of human history.

  • Patriot1

    The problem with the republican party is that they’re not conservative at all, they’re just as far to the left as the democrats. Look at the way they cheated Ron Paul out of his delegates at the sham RNC convention. Gun rights? We have a God given right to defend ourselves. Period. End of discussion. Nothing extreme about that. The author of this article sounds like a whiny, sniveling, pussified male with no balls. Get a life you loser.

    • Veritas

      Obama and his People’s Patriotic Security Force will now detain you so that the People’s National Mental Health police can examine you for your clearly anti social and clearly derranged thought processes and dangerous deviations from the Ministry of Truth’s dicktat.

      Deviation from the party line is unacceptable, and racist too.

  • crashedeclipse96

    The person who wrote this is an idiot an assault weapon is a weapon capable of firing full auto those weapons you refer to are nothing more than semi auto rifles and you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold dead hands. This whole shooting is the damn moms fault for teaching her son who has known mental health issues how to use a gun and keep a gun in the house in the first place then all you assholes point your fingers at gun owners like we are the problem

  • Ichabod

    The evangelical movement had a great run; much good came of it. I, for one, ‘accepted Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior’. But for some time now, the intellectual tank has been empty, and all hat is left now is farts. When many of the biggest bloviators – Richard Land shows intelligence is no obstacle – liken the Second Amendment to the Ten Commandments, we are getting into some pretty serious folk religion territory. Frank, you more than anybody know where this came from, and can see where this is going to wind up. Syncretism is too soft a word for it. Evangelical culture – whatever that means anymore – is doubling down on the extreme right wing patriotic orthodoxy. Most of the people calling them out for this kookiness have left the movement long ago, along with Jesus. Sad truth is, nobody even misses them.

  • Alan

    Frank, with all due respect, anyone still talking to a dead Jewish apocalyptic preacher from two millennia ago (does he talk back?) and who owns a gun and supports the military while claiming (still?) to follow this Prince of Peace who taught his followers to turn the other cheek is in no position to sit in judgment of the moral or intellectual failings of Republicans or anyone else.

    And if the Second Amendment should be ditched because the need for a well-regulated militia contemplated by the founding fathers has been replaced by a standing army (which many of them would have loathed as the right arm of tyranny), then where was this army while the children of Sandy Hook were being slaughtered? Certainly not at Sandy Hook defending American lives. I’ll tell you where it was: out in the four corners of the earth extending the American Empire–an enterprise that you appear very much to support (and which the vast majority of Democrats jumped on the war bandwagon to support as well). Where was all this moral outrage and vitriol when Iraqi and Afghan civilians (including children) were being slaughtered by American guns? Are their lives worth less? Apparently.

    When you’ve worked to disarm the American Empire overseas and redirected that firepower into sufficient protection of American lives at home, then we can have a conversation about disarming American civilians who claim their right to bear arms under the federal Constitution. And once you either renounce Jesus of Nazareth or start following his social ethics with regard to the violence of war, then we can talk about the moral failings of the GOP.

    • Veritas

      ooooh Frank how long have you sat at the knee of Helen Thomas singing Kumbahyah? Can I visit the American Empire sometime-where would that be? Loved your logic regarding the worldwide empire and guns at home, its so pseudo Freudian in a tranny soort of way so popular at UCLA. One cannot fail but be impressed with your knowledge of the teachings of Christianity. Did you have to read many fortune cookies to obtain this wisdom?

  • Dan Boone

    Your thoughts would carry consideration if they were factual.
    Add blind support for 30-round ammunition clips, – do you protect your employees from the likes of two car loads of gang-bangers that drove in our property with shotguns and semi-automatics firing them towards apartments? – btw, the police arrived 45 minutes after being called – and also outlaw my 17 round clips?
    military assault rifles – not true, an AR15 is not an M16 – different makeup, different ammo power
    ownership of semiautomatic weapons, – again to protect yourself from the ones that have much more?
    no-background-check gun shows – not true, ever been to a gun show and every sale that I saw was done through background checks
    “right to carry” laws — including the right to carry in schools – sure, grab a broom to ward off the crazies who carry several weapons including bombs

    If you are going to make these kinds of statements, at least, do REAL background work – it is the criminals who are breaking the law, not us law-abiding citizens who are trained, respectful, and yes, love Jesus