Can you just take a prayer and replace the names and epithets of god with the names and epithets of your own god? In some cases yes, in some cases no. Read more

One of the important tasks that we undertake as Pagans is to honor the Earth Mother, and I feel that it is appropriate to do this work every day. While I think that the Earth Mother – in her many faces and phases – is able to take care of herself, it is a good demonstration of our devotion and of our piety to do something for her every day. Read more

Something close to keening at the sight of the lighting of the fire rang out and my heart sank. It was really moving, and we began with nine blasts of the war horn that echoed across the land. Read more

The Sea, ultimately the source for the waters in the well, is one of the realms in ADF, along with the Land and the Sky. We envision that the waters of the well extend into the earth and that the well, in a ritual context, provides a gateway to the Ancestors, which are one of our Kindreds. Read more

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