Decluttering for the Samhain Soul, Day 3: Do Something!

Today is a “do something” day. We’ve spent a couple days focusing on the issues that are most cluttering our internal closets and blocking the progress we want to make in our lives. Today, we move something physical. We declutter—something. Just one something. Today, we start with the Power of One. This will help us create a more effective release ritual on Day 5. The physical area of my own home that bothers me most at this time is the... Read more

Decluttering for the Samhain Soul: Day 2

Each journey needs a beginning. Our Samhain ritual journey’s starting spot will be either an altar or an artwork, or a bit of both. Traditional Samhain altars I’m familiar with tend to have certain elements in common: images of dead family members or friends; candles; crystals, or other natural items; images of skulls or bones; items that belonged to people we have loved and lost. A friend of mine who grew up connected to the magical roots of her Appalachian... Read more

Decluttering for the Samhain Soul: Day 1

“Dad is being transferred. We’re moving. Go to your room and go through your things and get rid of the ones you don’t need any more.” I first heard that sentence from my mother when I was seven years old. Seven. How do you know, at seven, what you don’t need any more? I loved everything. I wanted to keep everything. And so, at seven, or eight, or nine, or ten, the result was the same. Me, feeling torn in... Read more

A Five-Day Decluttering Ritual For The Samhain Soul

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about decluttering. Not just the kind that has left me, for the first time in my life, with more drawer space than things to put in them. But the kind of decluttering that led me to hold on to some physical objects and all the emotions trailing from them for so long. And that it’s the season to cut those cords and clear that soul clutter for good. I can mark phases of my... Read more

Start Anew With Pattern-Breaking Lunar Eclipse

No one wants The Tower. But sometimes, we need it. I pulled two cards for this full moon lunar eclipse. The first to appear was the Page of Wands. Happy card, beginnings, a new bright spirit holding a crystal-peaked wand high in the sunlit desert, light flowing in seven rays from it. Yes, a good card for any season. And yet, it didn’t seem right for the energies I sensed most strongly. So I asked again. And drew The Tower.... Read more

The potent domestic magick of clutter clearing

Maybe it’s the continual snow, the light dose of cabin fever. Maybe it’s the longing for spring. Whatever the reason, I’m celebrating the year of living with my sweetie by throwing things out. It’s the start of the annual decluttering. There are good, sound, metaphysical reasons for doing it. It’s part of my spiritual path and life’s work, for those very reasons. As Pagans, we believe that everything is part of one vibrating, energetic whole. Some Pagans I know even... Read more

Love and Artistry Bring Back Songs of Babylon and Sumer

From the top of the ziggurat, the city was quiet. The setting sun was golden on the mud bricks. A blue haze of cooking fires softened the city’s edges. Within the temple, music played to honor my Goddess, Inanna, Lady of the Evening star. But what might that music have sounded like? We cannot know exactly. The Sumerians and Babylonians left the lyrics but not the notes of their songs. They left beautiful lyres and pipes in royal tombs, but... Read more

New Moon Shines on Potent Yule

[youtube][/youtube] We’ve seen the images. Our Earth rotates in darkness. As the astronauts orbit towards the sun, a thin band of light brings out the curve of our beloved Mother Planet. The sun shows itself as a pinpoint. Then, life-giving Sol rises golden and glorious. The Earth turns blue and white, green and brown. Beautiful. Home. And on this year’s longest night, we look for that kind of  illumination. For hope. For the colors of life amid the darkness. For... Read more

Heroic Hands Reach Out to Give Hope and Help

Hands raised are now a world-wide protest symbol. The hands raised refer to the accounts that Michael Brown was surrendering to police officer Darren Wilson before Brown was shot in Ferguson, Missouri, in August of this year. But the hands that inspire me are those that, as Khalil Gibran said, are working to make love visible. [youtube][/youtube] They are the hands of people who have grasped shovels and trash bags as they cleaned glass broken and buildings charred by fires set... Read more

Interstellar Inspiration for the Sagittarius New Moon

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars. Now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” Cooper, Interstellar. [youtube][/youtube] I saw Interstellar last weekend. It is the most Sagittarian thing I have seen in ages. In the world of Interstellar, a blight is blasting Earth’s food crops one by one. People die slowly, miserably, suffocating in an atmosphere of decreasing oxygen and choking dust storms. Or they... Read more