Cana as Matchmaker, Midwife, Town Crier

As excitement and hope continue to grow about our efforts at creating a convergence of people who are committed to Convening, Advocating, Networking for Action amongst the Generous, Liberative Christianity Movement there are many exciting things happening on the world of Cana.

Think of the Cana Initiative as a Verb. Rather than thinking of the Cana Initiative primarily as an organization the suggestion was made to frame our efforts as a verb – as in “to Cana something”. To Cana it means to put the efforts of Convening, Advocating and Networking into action.

This  fits well with much of the work we are doing in the areas of a national College Campus effort, a Media and PR effort, the Theological Alternative Education efforts and the Online Faith effort.


As a part of this “verb-ification” there were 3 fun metaphors surfaces of what Cana does; the Match Maker, the Midwife and the Town Crier.


The matchmaker gets the right people meet one another something special can happen.

The Midwife gives supports so that life is born in the healthiest & most beautiful way.

The Town Crier tells the story of new life so that all can engage and celebrate.


So join us you matchmaking midwifery town criers.

If you have not yet listed yourself as an initiator you can do so here.  

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