The CANA Initiative brings together people and organizations who are actively working to embody a more generous Christianity in the United States. As a part of CANA’s work, this blog series will feature voices and visions from the leaders and lay people within the movement for a more generous Christianity in order to start a conversation about the many ways this movement is taking shape and will continue to be shaped. We trust that the conversation will be constructive, but we have no expectations that all will agree.

Such an organic movement can’t be centrally defined and managed; it will evolve to serve the functions that leaders and lay people like you across the country decide is needed — from your own words and for the contexts that you know best and care about the most. We want you to join the conversation. Blog your responses. Send us your own stories (clayton-asst@sbcglobal.net). Above all, find ways to live radical compassion in the world around you —in your own ways for your own context. Cana is just over the horizon — let’s give everything we have to live, in faith, for values that matter.