About Aaron Klinefelter

Aaron Klinefelter serves as minister for young adults and families at The Church of the Redeemer in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is also a parent, husband, PTO co-president, gardener, bicycler, and networker. He loves coffee and hospitality. @aklinefelter

A Lenten Meditation from Aaron Klinefelter

A Lenten Meditation: In the midst of the liminal, or What do a hawk, pigeon, and goose have to teach us?We have a visitor at our church. She stops by from time to time. But often she’s only around for a fleeting moment, just long enough to keep an eye on things. She perches atop our steeple, carefully balancing up on the cross, ever vigilant but always wary. She’s a red-tailed hawk, full of powerful grace and scary beauty. I had the arresting good fortune of seeing her on the gro … [Read more...]