About Rev. Anne Howard

Rev. Anne Howard is Executive Director of The Beatitudes Society. She is the author of Claiming the Beatitudes: Nine Stories from a New Generation (Alban, 2009). A seasoned and accomplished preacher, she is Preacher-in-Residence at the parish she formerly served, Trinity Episcopal Church in Santa Barbara, CA. She is a graduate of Episcopal Divinity School and the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Anne Howard on the Mustard Seed Impact

“OK, you’ve started up, now how do you scale up?”“How do your plans go to scale?”I hear questions like this a lot. Scalability is a good question for anyone starting up something new—like The Beatitudes Society. The questions are really asking, “How do you expand your capacity to serve more people?”It’s a question about economics and impact and sustainability. And it’s a question about faith—faith like that mustard seed that Jesus talked about.In Luke’s story about the mustard se … [Read more...]