About Brandan Robertson

Brandan Robertson is a writer, speaker, and the director of The Revangelical Movement. He will receive his B.A. in Pastoral Ministry and Theology in May 2014 from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago. Brandan writes for Red Letter Christians, Patheos Book Club, Sojourners and many other online outlets. For more information, visit his site at www.BrandanRobertson.com.

A New Kind of Christianity, A New Kind of Hope

Christianity is at a turning point. A moment of transformation that many are predicting will be more monumental than that of the Great Reformation of the 16th Century. This reformation has been slowly bubbling over the past two decades and is finally coming to a boiling point where a new kind of Christian faith, and indeed, religious faith in general are beginning to reshape into something brand new. Some have called this new think “Emergence Christianity”, others “Convergence”, and many of us ar … [Read more...]