About Phyllis Tickle

Phyllis Tickle , founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly, the international journal of the book industry, is frequently quoted in print sources, electronic media, and innumerable blogs and web sites. Tickle is an authority on religion in America and a much sought after lecturer on the subject.

Phyllis Tickle on CANA’s Becoming

CANA’s official birthing occurred just before Thanksgiving, 2013 at the National Cathedral in Washington. Neither the time nor the place could have been more appropriate. There had been, admittedly, a lengthy and tender gestation for many months prior to November, just as there had been an anxious and prayer-filled laboring process for some several weeks leading up to the birthing launch itself. So it was that, by Thanksgiving, 2013, CANA was safely birthed and, from the very beginning, created g … [Read more...]