About Zack Exley

Zack Exley directs the organizing practice at ThoughtWorks, Inc., a global IT consultancy. The organizing practice helps groups invent and try out new technologies by building them right in the middle of campaigns as they're being used.

Zack was a pioneer in online fundraising and organizing. He helped bring U.S. politics online as MoveOn.org's first Organizing Director, advisor to the Howard Dean campaign, and Director of Online Communications and Organizing at John Kerry's presidential campaign.

Contact Zack at huffpo@zackexley.com.

Zack Exley on Christianity and Empire

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten acquainted with a movement of Christians that is vibrant, enormous, and yet refuses to let itself be named or to take credit for any of its accomplishments. Some have named subsets or aspects of the movement — for example, "The New Monastics," "The Emergent Church," "Ordinary Radicals," and even "Revolutionaries." But there are millions of people swept up into this movement who have never even heard those phrases.I grew up an atheist and a left-wing act … [Read more...]