Siri Takes Shape

Every time I read some shocking piece of ignorance about how humans will one day shed the limitations of physiology and move into a glorious post-embodied future, I just laugh. As if human consciousness could ever be severed from the body; as if it ever would want to be… We anthropomorphise everything, even our technology. A species that creates proxy personalities [Read More...]

Iceland and Incest

An island of roughly 300,000 souls has a unique problem beyond the embarrassment of having Bjork as their most famous export. In Iceland, as with closed or contained societies throughout history, the potential for incest is much higher. Add in a grotesquely libertine sexual ethos, and you have an island where the potential to have [Read More...]

Miss Ella Explains It All

… with some help from Cole Porter. In 1934, Porter had already diagnosed the dictatorship of relativism and set it to music: “The world has gone mad today / And good’s bad today, / And black’s white today, / And day’s night today, / When most guys today / That women prize today / Are [Read More...]