My fellow Register writer Jennifer Fulwiler is inspiring people to post pictures of their desks, which is one of those silly little things that always interests me. I have two desks. This drop-down desk is in my bedroom, and it’s the one I use most often. It closes up nice and neat so I have to put things away at the end of the day, and so I don’t run into in it the dark on the way to the bathroom.

Click to embiggen.

The other desk is in the office I share with my wife (who also works at home), and it’s where the gaming rig, server, printer, file cabinets, theology books, games, and all the rest are located. Like a lot of writers in the laptop age, however, I work at the kitchen table or on the couch just as often as I’m at the desk.

We’ve also converted the garage into a library. Here’s half of it:

UPDATE: I’ve been asked whatall is on that desk, so, here’s you’re basic annotated picture:

1: Reference books, mostly for my game work.

2: Notebooks, journals, sketch  books.

3: Rosary from Rome; calender from Williamsburg.

4: Wizard Mickey.

5: Plant-eating zombie.

6: Papa.

7: Playing cards (French Tarot, Hungarian, German, Spanish, Italian and lots of Bicycle)

8: Books for current theology assignment. (The rest are on Kindle and Logos.) Two classes this semester: Augustine and OT.

9: Olive wood cross from the Holy Land (a gift from my wife).

10: Binoculars for when the neighbors forget to put down their shades. (I kid, I kid: I’m a bird watcher.)

11: Dice, because you know never know when a floating crap game is going roll on into your bedroom.

12: Hand grenade. (They’re just so much more efficient than small-arms fire.)

13: iPod Touch, so my daughter can send me emojis from her own Touch, 4532 times a day.

14: Mickey’s Really Swell Coffee mug, featuring Donald & a 2:1 caff-to-decaf blend from Trader Joe’s.

15: Too many papers, semi-organized.

16: Promo goblet from Anchor’s Bay’s DVD release of the Three Musketeers (Richard Lester version, natch), filled with Ticos, a couple of pens, and a Legend of Zelda letter opener.

UPDATE 3/8/12

Wow, I never thought this post would be this popular, but book-types are fascinated with the little shot of a piece of my library. Here are some details: there are 23 book cases, each 7′ tall and ranging in width from about 2′ to 4′. They were raw wood, and I sanded, stained, and finished about half of them before I had to move in. They’re arranged like library stacks, with strip lighting down the center aisle. Here’s a reverse angle showing some of the open space, along with my son:

And here are a couple I took this morning:

Click and zoom for a close-up view

Click and zoom for a close-up view.

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