Gloria Purvis on the HHS Mandate

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I’d never heard of Gloria Purvis before Julie D. and Frank Weathers linked to this video, but I hope we see a lot more of her: This 7 minute takedown of the HHS mandate is intelligent, eloquent, and well-observed.

Certainly it matters that this blast of clarity comes from a woman, but you better believe it matters even more coming from a black woman. The sexual revolution has proven to be a disaster for the black community, and abortion has been their Holocaust. It was always intended to be thus, from the moment Planned Parenthood’s racist, eugenicist, borderline-psychotic founder Margaret Sanger began establishing clinics in poor black neighborhoods and giving stirring speeches to the KKK.

We may like to say we’re living in post-racial times, but that’s just crazy talk. Race still matters, and black Catholics have a unique gift to give to the Church. It’s a plain fact that no other community has more to lose from the continued spread of the things the HHS mandate seeks to impose: contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients. They stand to lose their very future.

I found another clip with Ms Purvis, along with Damon Owens and Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, talking about their upcoming show, Authentically Free at Last. Great stuff, and powerful voices. Pay attention: this is important.

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