Monday Morning Chicken

A friend advised me (quite reasonably) that two back-to-back posts on medical ethics was a bit heavy, so here’s a picture of one of my new chickens to lighten the mood. Internet, this is Ruby the Rhode Island Red. Ruby, meet the internet. She’s only a few days old in this picture. Be nice to her: no flaming or trolls, please.

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  • Ben

    Haha what a cute little chick. And yeah, I read those posts and the organ donor one this morning and became a bit despondent (not that that’s a bad thing in itself). Baby animals are always a good fix :)

    ps: thanks for changing the organ donor picture too, the other one was…graphic

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    My wife said, “Mmmm, too much” in re the original organ donor picture.

    And I’m growing convinced that a lasting legacy of the internet will be the wide dispersal of cute animal pictures.

  • Ruth Peterson

    Thank you for the lovely critter. We have some buff orpingtons, and they’ve finally gotten old enough to start laying. Yay!

    There. I feel much better now. Your Hadamar post, while spot on, is depressing. I hope more people are willing to recognize the slippery slope we have been traveling down at increasing speeds.

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