Game Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Deus Ex-Human Revolution

The Deus Ex series, along with its cousin, Bioshock, is one of the most profound statements on transhumanism in any medium. The most recent version, Human Revolution, was released last fall, and it’s still well worth a complete playthrough. Here’s a bit of what I wrote in my review for Catholic News Service. Human Revolution” [Read More...]

Otzi the Iceman Was Lactose Intolerant

An almost-complete DNA sequence has been published for one of the world’s oldest preserved bodies, and its revelations provide a fascinating insight into the physical infirmities suffered by our ancestors. Otzi, also known simply as The Iceman, was discovered in the Alps in 1991, where he’d been preserved for about 5300 years. Now that he’s [Read More...]

Hackers Brought Down By Their Own Leader


This is Sabu, the leader of LulzSec, the loose group of affiliated hackers devoted the stirring ideology, “Laughing at your security since 2011.”   Captured in June 2011 after he was identified by another hacker, Sabu (28-year-old Hector Xavier Monsegur) turned informant and has spent the intervening months helping ferret out members of both LulzSec and [Read More...]

“Sex is Not a Medical Emergency”

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Katrina for this righteously direct and clear blast of common sense at the contemptible forces trying to clobber the Church into submission over the contraception mandate. This is how you do righteous anger, people, so pay attention: … Let me just put this out there for you right away. Sex [Read More...]

Holy Anger

“A Jesus who agrees with everyone and everything, a Jesus without his holy anger, without the hardness of truth and genuine love is not the real Jesus as he is depicted in the Scriptures, but a pitiable caricature. A concept of ‘Gospel’ that fails to convey the reality of God’s anger has nothing to do [Read More...]

But Is It Invisible to Speed Traps?

This promotional video from Mercedes is meant to be a metaphor showing how their new car is “invisible” to the environment. Frankly, I’d rather it be invisible to cops. One side is covered with tiny screens, and the other side is fitted with a camera that takes a live image of the environment. When that [Read More...]

Logos Goes Catholic

Logos Catholic

One of the things I plan to cover here at God and the Machine is the way we use software and technology to study and evangelize the faith. Logos Bible Study software is one of the tools I use every day. Until last fall, it’s usefulness was limited for Catholics because it had a decidedly [Read More...]

Requiem Æternam: Bishop John C. Reiss, Trenton

Bishop John C. Reiss

Here in the diocese of Trenton today, we are mourning the loss of retired bishop John Reiss,who passed away yesterday at the age of 89. Some excerpts from the diocesan obituary: John Charles Reiss was born May 13, 1922, in Red Bank, one of 11 children of Alfred and Sophia Telljohann Reiss. Of his five brothers [Read More...]