Paul Ehrlich: Still Wrong

Paul Ehrlich has not merely been wrong in his long career as a “population expert”: he has been demonstrably, repeatedly, spectacularly wrong about almost everything. Somehow, he’s not only failed to offer groveling apologies for a lifetime of saying stupid things, but continues to claim he was right all along. Ehrlich is most famous as [Read More...]

Monday Morning Chicken

Amber the Chicken

The girls are now spending part of each day in a temporary enclosure outside while I struggle to slap together a coop that will be predator proof. [Read more...]

Cat God vs Sun King [A Week of Time Wasters]


As I mentioned last week, I had to wrap up the September issue of Games Magazine, which led to lighter-than-usual posting at the end of the week. In order to make up for that, I’m going to post five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster [Read More...]

Saturday Song: “All My Tears”

Listen to Emmylou a bit. Jars of Clay also did a fine take on this song, which was written by Julie Miller. [Read more...]

Atheists in the Comboxes UPDATED AND BUMPED

This is a special note to evangelical atheists, religion haters, and members of the Church of Scientism who are haunting my comboxes leaving snippy little screeds. You bore me, and you’ve been boring me for far too long. When I was returning to the Church after being out for 15 years, my first task was [Read More...]

A Musical Interlude

Sorry folks, but I have to put an issue of Games Magazine to bed, so no real posting until it’s done. In the meantime, watch the amazing Zac Brown Band do “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.” [Read more...]

The Weekly Benedict eBooks

Jeff Miller–the Curt Jester–performs an excellent service for tech-lovin’ Catholics by compiling Pope Benedict’s various documents, speeches, and so on into both Kindle and standard epub format. You can find his archive here, and he usually updates them every week. For free! Cardinal Ratzinger’s writings were a key part of my return to the Church, [Read More...]

The Cause of “Brain Freeze” Discovered at Last?

You know why I’m certain that the singularity predictions are complete bunk? Because we know so little about the brain that we’re still not altogether sure what causes “brain freeze,” those hideous headaches you get from that first, always-too-fast sip of a Slurpee. Until recently, there was some speculation that it had to do with [Read More...]