The Ark of the Covenant … in Cake Form!

Charm CIty Cakes Wedding Cake

Charm City Cakes (of Ace of Cakes fame) made this awesome groom’s cake in the form of the Ark of the Covenant. No word about whether the groom was a Biblical scholar or just a really big Raiders of the Lost Ark fan (although based on the snakes, I’m guessing Raiders). Unfortunately, the groom made [Read More...]

The Weekly Benedict eBooks


Jeff Miller–the Curt Jester–performs an excellent service for tech-lovin’ Catholics by compiling Pope Benedict’s various documents, speeches, and so on into both Kindle and standard epub format. You can find his archive here, and he usually updates them every week. For free! Cardinal Ratzinger’s writings were a key part of my return to the Church, [Read More...]