Behold! The Lego Rosary

Posted at MementoMoose on Etsy.

And don’t forget that Lego does Advent calenders in both Regular and Star Wars flavors, with a small self-contained thing for each day. (I have seen these Advent calendars sell out, so if you really want one don’t wait until December.)

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  • The Crescat

    Your love of Legos has me convinced you’ve never had one deeply embedded into the bottom of your foot.

  • The Crescat

    And your looking Etsy now? Try regresty for more fun.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Ha! We’re made of tougher stuff around here. I’ve had them embedded in feet, fished them out of slobbery dog mouths, tripped on them in the dark, seen hours worth of work smash to the ground and cause a torrent of tears. We’re invested, baby. Once you go Lego, you never go Legolas.

  • victor

    Isn’t that one of the new Luminous mysteries? The minifig-uration?

  • Mark Groot

    Wow, thank you for posting one of my rosaries!
    These rosaries have been such a blessing to me and my family. Through God’s grace we have been selling them for over 2 years and have hand-drilled nearly 100,000 LEGOs.

    Thanks again and God bless,

    P.S. Stay away from Regretsy. Incredibly offensive and mean comments over there. :O

  • The Crescat

    Yeah, well of course I find regretsy humorous. I am a degenerate.

  • robin

    I will smack the next person who tells me that Catholics have no sense of humor. As a former Baptist, I’m allowed.

  • Shank Rosenthal

    Except when Lego goes Legolas, which is apparently coming this summer.

  • Maria

    So where do you sell these Lego rosaries?

  • digdigby

    That is nothing. Have you ever got up in the middle of the night and stepped on a Triceratops?

  • Andrea Maciejewski

    AWESOMENESS! This read after I just saw the movie “Agenda” and then read about how the feminist group SPARK wants to ban “Lego Friends” because they look like girls and do girlie stuff. Where can we purchase the rosaries???

    God bless you all, you wonderful Lego people you!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    A note on these rosaries: I don’t make or sell them. They come from the Etsy site linked in the post.

  • Nicole Tucker

    I really like these and want to get some for my kids! I am so pleased that Etsy recently changed their policies and are no longer allowing cards to be sold on their site that were very offensive to women and people with Down Syndrome amd their families. I will now shop there and not need to boycott them anymore!

  • Julia

    I can imagine these Lego rosaries really working for kids. I love them. Great idea. May your business thrive with blessings from above.