Komen Back in Bed With Planned Parenthood

Isn’t it touching when gangsters dedicated to the industrial-scale slaughter of children are able to kiss and make up with the charity they managed to intimidate into quiescence?

New money will be flowing from Komen to Planned Parenthood from new grants issued after the policy that disqualified Planned Parenthood:

Grants from the Susan G. Komen Foundation for the Cure are flowing to Planned Parenthood, as the women’s health organizations seek to rebuild their relationship after the controversy in February over the breast cancer charity’s unsuccessful attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

At least 17 Planned Parenthood affiliates will be funded this year, about the same number that received grants in 2011, according to a tally provided by Komen. The total amount of the grants, which are for breast-cancer screening and other breast-health services, is still being worked out. Most recipients this year also received funds last year.

When I covered this story for the National Catholic Register, it changed so fast I was rewriting every fifteen minutes. My takeaway when the dust had settled was that Komen did not like being set afire by thugs like Cecile Richard and her pro-abortion stooges across the country, and that further grants would be denied. I guess Komen decided they liked being popular with the mass-murder crowd more than they enjoyed the sudden and overwhelming outpouring of support from pro-lifers.

I’m tired of the whole sickening saga. The astonishing success of Planned Parenthood’s vicious smear tactics is simply nauseating. Everywhere I look people are moaning about schoolyard bullies as if they are something new in annals of childhood, while real-life adult bullies can take down a charity that actually saved lives and be rewarded for it.

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