The Problem of Space Weather

I wanted to share this story not merely because it’s a real concern, but also because I found the man being interviewed so balanced and reasonable. Read the interview answers themselves and ignore the somewhat hyperbolic introductory text from the journalist. The main issue is with solar flares and coronal mass ejections  (“space weather,” as Mike Hapgood [Read More...]

How a Poet Saved a Saint’s Letters

Joseph Pearce has an excellent piece in the Catholic Herald about how the poet, Catholic, and anti-Communist Roy Campbell protected the letters of St. John of the Cross during the Spanish Civil War. [Read more...]

Monday Morning Chicken


Close-up of Diamond, the Silver-Laced Wyandotte: our best looking chicken. My daugher was going to show her at the county fair this year, but she (the chicken, not my daughter) is too young by a few weeks. Isn’t it interesting that 4H has higher standards for displaying farm animals than child beauty pageants have for [Read More...]