Remixing McCartney


I’m posting this because I’m a fan of Paul McCartney (best live show I have ever seen, period), it’s an interesting use of technology, and it’s just plain cool. McCartney’s solo work has been prolific and of … well, let’s call it “variable” quality. About 10% is pure crap, maybe 70% is just fine, but [Read More...]

Mysterious Chamber Found in English Church has an intriguing story about a forgotten and inaccessible area discovered beneath the nave of St Winwaloe’s Church in East Portlemouth. A ground penetrating radar study conducted in 2006 revealed a chamber with a floor 8 feet below the nave, with walls rising from the center and sides. The current church dates from the 13th [Read More...]

Retinal Implants Giving Sight to the Blind

A team at Stanford University is closer to creating a functional implant that can restore sight to the blind. The rig recalls Geordi LaForge’s visor from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with a pair of glasses fitted with a video camera beaming near-infrared light onto a chip implanted in retina. This implant stimulates nerves in the back of [Read More...]