DC Hero Coming Out as Gay

DC Comics, in its annual desperate bid for media attention, is promising to out a major character, because no area of culture must remain untouched by teh gay.

So who will it be?


Nope: Lois.


Nope: Selena Kyle. (Also: Vicky Vale.)

Green Lantern?

Nope: Carol Ferris.

Wonder Woman?

Nope: Steve Trevor.

Then again:

Nah. Plus, they already have a lesbian superhero:  Batwoman. Then again, no one cared, because: Batwoman.


Nope: Mera.

But then … wait a second …


(Honestly, I’m guessing Flash, because no one cares about Iris anyway.)

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  • victor

    I was going to guess Speedy, but I guess he has a daughter now.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    It won’t be a sidekick. I assumed Booster Gold, or maybe Ambush Bug, but then DC said it was one of the major characters.

  • http://www.decentfilms.com SDG

    If it’s a long-established character, then it’ll be revisionism, not “outing.” Marvel’s Northstar was intentionally gay from the start, though he wasn’t officially “outed” for years (I thought it was pretty obvious), but AFAIK no Marvel or DC character created before that was meant to be gay from the outset.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    Retconning is an art, not a science. ;) Actually, I think it might be in one of their alternate timelines (since every new arc seems to be a Crisis arc, there are enough to go around), so whomever it is can go on being straight in the main books but DC gets a nice pat on the head from GLAAD for being “tolerant.”

  • Noe

    “Gay” is kind of vague, deliberately and is used to describe all/any random LGBTQ et al personages, so it could be any of the above as bi, or could turn out to have been trans all along.

  • victor

    Hey! I really enjoyed Henry Winkler’s take on Ambush Bug (my older son was a big Batmite fan until the “Mitefall” episode of Batman:BATB, at which point he renounced Batmite forever). But yeah, they did say “hero” so if it’s not Speedy (or Booster Gold), then it’s probably Green Arrow — even if the preview for the new CW show actually looks pretty decent. They’d actually have something interesting to say if it turned out to be Red Tornado, though.

  • victor

    See… Speedy was a guy, then he was a girl. It’s Speedy!!!

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    LOVED Mitefall.

    I thought Smallville did a good job with Green Arrow. They even almost made Aquaman interesting. Almost.

    But I can’t imagine them doing it to a character with a major property in the media (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman). The people spending $200 million a pop on Dark Knight Rises and Man of Steel aren’t going to want that kind of press.

  • kenneth

    Batman and Robin were on fire from Day One. That wouldn’t be a revelation or revision, just long-overdue honesty. Still, I think R2D2 and Threepio still reign as the best fictional gay duo of all time!

  • Matt

    How can two droids be gay? Besides, they are clearly based on the two peasant characters from the Japanese film The Dark Fortress, and I’m pretty sure thye weren’t gay.
    Oh and DC is rebooting everyone, so it’s basically a new character albeit one that everyone is familiar with.

  • Kyle

    It’s Martian Manhunter… Read his name!

  • http://znfrey.com/blog/ Zach Frey

    They’re just trying to keep up with Marvel’s gay “wedding”…