Mysterious Chamber Found in English Church has an intriguing story about a forgotten and inaccessible area discovered beneath the nave of St Winwaloe’s Church in East Portlemouth. A ground penetrating radar study conducted in 2006 revealed a chamber with a floor 8 feet below the nave, with walls rising from the center and sides. The current church dates from the 13th century, with additions from the 15th century. Thanks to a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, archaeologists will be able to conduct a full excavation on the area:

To investigate the chamber, a trench is to be excavated around one of the sections of wall; it is hoped this trench may contain artefacts that could give the age of the chamber. The section of wall revealed in this way will be covered in walk-on glass so that it will be on permanent view. It is also planned to drill down to the chamber floor in several places and to recover core samples to obtain information about the structure of the floor. The work will be carried out in June under the supervision of South West Archaeology, a company based in South Moulton.


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