Saturday Song: “Satan’s Jeweled Crown”

The Louvin Brothers are one of the great close harmony brother acts in the history of traditional American music. The lyrics of “Satan’s Jeweled Crown” are interesting since Ira was, indeed, a drunken, womanizing, brawling racist who once allegedly took at a swing at Elvis for singing “n***er music”. Be that as it may, he [Read More...]

Dali and St. John of the Cross


In honor of Salvador Dali’s birthday today: Christ of St. John of the Cross. Dali’s painting was inspired by a sketch done by St. John while he was chaplain of the monastery of the Incarnation in Avila. One day, while praying in a loft overlooking the sanctuary, he was struck by a vision, and hastily [Read More...]

Mario and Medieval Manuscripts


Thanks to boing boing, an old post at Got Medieval is getting some fresh attention, and it’s well worth a look at the whole thing. Carl Pyrdum uses the modern conventions of 2D platform-jumping game art to explain the internal logic of medieval illumined manuscripts. His point is that marginal objects in these manuscripts have platforms [Read More...]

Newly Discovered Mayan Calendar Goes Way Past 2012


So can we stop it with the 2012-is-the-end-of-the-world nonsense? In a striking find, archaeologists in Guatemala report the discovery of a small building whose walls display not only a stunningly preserved mural of a brightly adorned Mayan king, but also calendars that destroy any notion that the Mayans predicted the end of the world in 2012. [Read More...]

A New View of Earth


A Russian weather satellite called Elektro-L has taken the highest-definition single photo of planet Earth. Taken at 121 megapixels (0.62 miles per pixel) and combining four light wave lengths, it reveals the Earth in more detail and with a wider spectrum of colors than ever before. Go here for more pictures, movies, and zoomable images. This [Read More...]

Have Archaeologists Found the Miraculous Quarry of Justinian?


The reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian saw a flourishing of the arts and a burst of construction to mark his military successes and solidify the Christian character of his empire. One of those buildings was the Nea Ekklesia of the Theotokos (“New Church of the God-Bearer”), dedicated to the Virgin Mary as the Mother [Read More...]

Fr. Barron Appointed Rector of Mundelein Seminary

PRESS RELEASE: The Archbishop of Chicago, Francis Cardinal George, announced today Father Robert Barron has been appointed Rector-President of Mundelein Seminary/University of St. Mary of the Lake. Father Barron will assume this role in July at the seminary located outside Chicago. “As a priest of Jesus Christ I accept this responsibility with joy,” said Father Barron. [Read More...]

Pontifical Academy For Life Members Ask Officials to Resign

Excerpt from CNA: Members of the Pontifical Academy for Life want its top officials to resign over a series of recent controversial decisions, including a conference described as the “worst day” in its history. “I am not alone with my feeling of profound shock over the (Febuary 2012) public conference and some of the official [Read More...]