Saturday Song: “What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?”

The great folk singer and guitarist Doc Watson could use our prayers. He’s in a North Carolina hospital recovering from colon surgery.

I saw Doc live once, and it was a terrific concert. (Del McCoury was also on the bill.) Doc is blind, so he has to be led on stage, but once there it’s just him sitting on a chair with a guitar and that voice, and he does wonders with both.

In his honor, here is Doc singing “What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?” with Mr. Bill Monroe. Bill and Charlie Monroe did a positively chilling version of this song in their original recording back in, as Mr. Bill says, “Nineteen-and-thirty-five.” This version with Doc is also very good, if only to hear two legends on the same mic.

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  • Gary Chapin

    Everything Doc has done has been magic, but his “On Praying Ground” has been essential listening for me. I’ve actually learned a bunch of the songs from there, and playing them does feel exactly like praying.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    That is a great album. I’m not sure any of those songs are online, but I’ll post some in the future.