Swindler [A Week of Time Wasters]

This week I’m posting five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster than me when “Ashes” is played.

The hero of Swindler is a larcenous little green blob of something-or-other, complete with a robber’s mask. He draws a flexible cord from his head, lassoes it around a convenient post, and proceeds to lower himself through a warren of traps and monsters in order to retrieve as many stars as possible on his way to his ultimate goal: a treasure chest. You control Swindler by stretching or shorting his cord, which affects his horizontal movement. Vertical movement is achieved by rotating the 2D game world itself, which can cause Swindler to swing into hazards in unexpected ways. As you navigate each level, you create a kind of cat’s cradle design using the cord to hold down triggers and change directions. Levels can get pretty challenging, with hazards that react to both Swindler and his cord, and monsters that can either delay or kill. Along the way, you get the ability to pick up and drop boulders and bombs, which also become moving parts of the rotating puzzle. Play it at www.nitrome.com.


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