The I of It [A Week of Time Wasters]

This week I’m posting five days worth of insidious browser-based time-wasters: little games that will make that coffee break vanish faster than Fr. Z at a Liturgical Dance Workshop. 

It looks more like a segment from Sesame Street than a game, but don’t be fooled. The I of It is a wonderful little puzzler with simple graphics and some clever twists. The goal is to navigate the letter I through geometric puzzles in an attempt to find the letter T. The A and D keys move the I left or right, while the W and A keys make the letter taller or shorter. By compressing the I to fit in tight spots and extending it to reaching out of the way places, you work your way through the obstacles to the goal. There’s more here than meets the … okay, I won’t say it. Play it at various sites, including and

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  • victor

    Thanks! I enjoyed this one. Way less stressful than VVVVVV.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    VVVVV got on my nerves.

  • victor

    I was a huge fan of the C-64 and chiptune asthetic, and that saw me through to the end (minus getting all the shiny bits, which would have driven me completely insane ( And I only died 763 times!

    My “I” just died and exploded. I feel terrible.

  • robin

    Poor I. This is hard! You have to think ‘n’ stuff. But I made it past target practice with only 1500 exploding deaths and four consults of the walk-through.