The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll See Today

A guest on Dr. Phil has severely disabled adult children, and she wants the right to be able to euthanize them. A mother of disabled  children in the audience is rightly appalled by this, since it’s cold-blooded murder. Dr. Phil asks his audience for a show of hands for all those who think a mother should be allowed to kill her children. What happens next will chill you to your core (the video is in the link: I couldn’t embed it): about 90% of the audience agrees with her.

The mother from the audience (the one who chooses life over death) is so stunned she can only say “Oh my God.” I feel for her. It’s like she is suddenly given the ability to see into the souls of everyone around her, only to realize that she almost alone in a sea of monsters.

Sometimes I think we’re so far gone we’ll never come back. We’ve lost our way. Modern medicine and technology has insulated us from the realities of the human experience of suffering so much that we are incapable of facing adversity, or of even seeing Christ in the face of the last and the least. When even mothers believe they can kill their children in good conscience, and an average audience supports that idea, we’re all in deep trouble.

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