Levantine DNA in Ethiopia May Support Biblical Story

Genetic researchers believe they’ve found evidence that people from Israel, Egypt, or Syria mixed with Ethiopians 3000 years ago. The timing of this appearance of the new DNA coincides with the historical period in which the Queen of Sheba visited King Solomon. According to legend, the queen returned to Ethiopia bearing Solomon’s son. Professor Chris [Read More...]

Medieval Monks and Recusants to be Reburied in England

Five monks , two men, and two women will be reburied two decades after they were discovered, and then forgotten, by archaeologists excavating  Eynsham Abbey, Oxfordshire. The four laypeople had been buried secretly, possibly because they were Catholic recusants and unwilling to to be buried according to protestant rites. Nine bodies left languishing in a storeroom for decades will [Read More...]

Monday Morning Chicken


Ruby the Wonder Chicken with her BFF, Bella. Ruby is fascinated by whatever Bella does. Bella licks Ruby’s feathers now and then. I’d like to think this is a friendly grooming behavior, but she’s probably just tasting her to see if she’s ready to eat yet. [Read more...]