Catholics and the Girl Scouts

The first part of my article about the Girl Scouts for the National Catholic Register has just gone up. The second should be up tomorrow.

This one took a long time, partly because I was interrupted by several health and family problems, but also because there was just a mountain of data, and much of it is very, very sketchy. Some of the evidence and accusations are not at all clear-cut, and the GSUSA regularly deletes or moves problematic materials and web links.

I have a son who is a Boy Scout, and a daughter who is a Girl Scout, and the two organizations are night and day. My wife is very active in the Boy Scouts, and we’ve both volunteered for each group, so we’ve had a chance to see how things are done. BSA is a well-run organization with a set of national standards by which local councils must abide. They never have to play rhetorical games about what they do or do not support because their standards are clear. I’m not aware of a single relationship, teaching aid, position, or practice that would ever give a Catholic parent cause for concern. Morality, character, faith, and patriotism are all part of the experience.

The GSUSA, however, is a mess. Their loosey-goosey organizational structure sets general policies at the top, then allows councils and troops to do pretty much whatever they want. Your council wants to have Planned Parenthood in to teach sex ed, use WAGGGS resources that encourage the girls to make safe sex displays and distribute condoms in order to earn their AIDS badge (AIDS badge?!), and admit mentally ill boys who are under the delusion they’re girls? Whatevs!

You go to a Boy Scout event, and you know what to expect. If the local leadership is paying even a tiny bit of attention  to national BSA standards (and I’ve never seen any that wasn’t), you’ll find a coherent structure in which boys can participate in activities and have fun while being boys. Too many Girl Scout events are run with all the precision of a 9-year-old’s birthday party in a bouncy tent.

Boy Scouts have common sense approaches to issues like environmentalism, multiculturalism, country, and service. They are encouraged to be good stewards of the environment, treat everyone fairly and show a natural curiosity about other cultures, respect their leaders and love their country, and dedicate themselves to the service of other people and the community at large.

The resource material that comes out of the GSUSA, however, can be the worst kind of politically correct pap. Global warming, we-are-the-world, feminist, multiculti messages are everywhere. The BSA is unapologetically American. With the GSUSA, you get a sense that America is nice and all, but the UN … now that’s awesome!

The local experience can make or break a Girl Scout troop. My daughter’s troop was run by a great and patient mom who put in tons of time and effort to give the girls a fine experience. We had not a single problem, and it was a good experience because it was a group of girls from school doing fun things. GSUSA barely ever entered the picture. All was well.

The fact that some of my daughter’s dues money goes to national, and thus to WAGGGS, does bother me. As she transitions to middle school, I’m discouraging her from continuing as a Girl Scout, and her participation in 4H is already leading her in other directions. The choice, in the end, will be hers, and we’ll watch what goes on very carefully and intervene if necessary.

I believe the next couple of years will decide for sure whether or not the Church can continue its relationship with GSUSA or not. It’s possible for the USCCB to examine all of the educational materials and resources created by the GSUSA and create a set of guidelines governing Catholic use of these materials. That leaves the problem of dues going to WAGGGS, and some may find that too much to bear. Since my money already goes to fund a host of radically offensive things (eg, the US government), I don’t worry about this too much.

There is absolutely no question that the leadership of the national organization is larded with people who support all kinds of things at odds with our faith, and who tack to the left politically. That worldview makes itself known throughout the organization.

But I don’t believe we benefit by disengaging from the culture. We are not here to build walls and withdraw into a little Catholic bubble. That may be the temptation (and it’s certainly mine), but neither side benefits from that approach. The Girl Scouts was founded in part by one of the great men of the 20th century, Lord Baden-Powell. It seems unwise to abandon his organization to the forces of moral relativism. If Catholics turn away from the organization en masse, who is left to keep them in line, and make sure other girls don’t have their values compromised? Right now, our numbers give us a seat at the table and allow us to affect real change in the materials and positions of the national organization. We need to be out there, changing hearts and minds.

Parents need to weigh the evidence and make up their own minds about the suitability of their local groups. It’s wholly possible to be a Girl Scout without  much more than a passing interaction with the national organization, with leaders using only wholesome materials and avoiding the nonsense. In the end, though, our children aren’t shock troops in the culture war. We need to do what’s best for them.

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  • victor

    I read the NCR piece this morning and found it very interesting. I think this post is even more valuable, though, as it addresses the “So what are we supposed to do about it?” question.

  • HonestGirlScouts DotCom

    Thank you for taking the time to compare and contrast Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of the USA. Parents have a right to know how their children are being used (free child-labor creates a $760 million/year cookie empire) to fund an agenda that may be in direct conflict with their family’s values. It would be different if GSUSA would simply admit their connections and come clean: then, parents could make an informed decision. It is the deceit that everyone finds despicable, as they rely on the goodwill of 500,000 Catholics to support their goals with free meeting places and thousands of unpaid volunteers.

  • Jody Geenen

    As a Catholic Girl Scout leader of 3+ troops and a Girl Scout Service Area Coordinator over the past 14 years in addition to having been a girl Girl Scout for a half dozen years myself, it deeply saddens me to learn of the direction that the National Girl Scout organization has taken. It kind of took me by surprise, but was inevitably going to happen sometime soon after we were told to dispose of all of the old GS materials so that we would be forced to use the new programming. Once you start going through the books and check out the recommended websites, role models, books, movies, and collaborating organizations, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the current Girl Scout agenda goes against our Catholic faith. Part of the new programming even included reading an anti-Catholic play, although recently GSUSA, after receiving many complaints, has revised that Journey book by removing that play from the curriculum. It’s difficult to believe that the well-paid staff of GSUSA (the CEO in charge at the time the program was put together made over $500,000/year herself) couldn’t foresee a problem with something that blatantly insensitive to Catholic members as that and avoid putting it in their programming to begin with. The most significant problem that I can see that the Catholic Church has with Girl Scouts is the fact that we are allowing the GS organization to recruit girls from our Catholic schools and set up troops within the schools. As parents of three daughters who have attended Catholic school, my husband and I assume that if the school and church are allowing organizations to operate in that manner, then the organization must be in line with the Catholic faith and, in the very least, not opposed to it. We are paying money to send our children to Catholic school first and foremost to learn and live the Catholic faith. If we didn’t care whether they were being secularized, we would have saved ourselves lots of money and sent them to public school. As far as helping to change GS back to its traditional roots, if enough Catholics and Christians from other faiths leave the organization because of the secular direction it has chosen, once the numbers and the money start to diminish, there is a good chance that GS might turn things around in order to save itself. We cannot compromise the faith and values of our children in order to protect a secular organization.

  • Just an old Girl Scout

    Thomas, you did a credible job, I commented on a couple things at the NCR site. As Jody said, there is a wide disconnect between the “corporation, and the corporate employees (this includes the franchises/councils and their employees)” and the membership, the dues paying adults, and the adults that volunteer, along with the girls themselves. The 90% of the Girl Scouts that the general public sees are NOT involved with things like planned parenthood. So when someone is NOT supportive of the corporation, it is twisted by the media to mean, that person does not support the little girls in brown and green uniforms. In reality, the fact that PP HAS NOT done a “protest” like they did against “Susan G. Komen for the Cure” is the evidence that there IS INDEED some ‘supportive relationship’ between the two organizations, at least within the corporate cultures.
    I have invested many years into the Girl Scout Movement, but like many of the “traditional” types, have been discarded as not relevant to the new direction. I, like others still have a unhealthy devotion to ‘tradition’ for the new outsiders running the corporation. Councils are selling off their camps, and removing the OUT for “out-of-doors” from SCOUT; and to use the corporate culture wording, “losing market shares” of girls in the targeted age groups.

  • Kim Mallinger

    Before we start ripping apart an organization that has successfully developed girls for 100 years, we should spend some time examining the Catholic religion. I am both Catholic and a Girl Scout leader, but current events tells us that Boy Scouts, much like some Catholic leaders, both have a sorted past, regardless of this regimen that you speak of. Both, the Catholic religion and GSUSA have strong foundations to offer our children, but the implementation is not always aligned with the intention. Unlike the Catholic religion, GSUSA has incorporated topics and issues that are relevant in our world today. I appreciate the efforts of GSUSA to make girls aware that these issues exist and try to help them to make decisions that are not only socially and environmentally conscious, but also empowers them to make a difference. I admit the tools are not there yet, but the ideas and direction are a good start. I feel strongly that the Girl Scout organization will remain faith based for a 100 more years, and awareness and individuality does not indicate that they are steering away from Christianity or Catholicism.

  • victor

    I’m curious as to which (sorted? sordid?) issues you think the Catholic Church is ignoring or otherwise not addressing?

  • Ron19

    “Unlike the Catholic religion, GSUSA has incorporated topics and issues that are relevant in our world today.”

    The Catolic Church is well aware of today’s topics and issues that are relevant today, and topics and issues that have been relevant for thousands of years. Most times they are the same thing.

    However, the priests in the pulpit, and many bishops, don’t mention them because they are afraid of getting blasted in the press and media by people like Kim.

  • Arnetta

    I am both Catholic and a Girl Scout Leader for the past 20 years. First of all to correct part of your mis-information – none of the dues that girls or adults pay for registration go to the World Organizaiton. Secondly, The world is not the United States, and Girl Scouts prepares girls to see beyond thier little insular world. The Catholic church is lost in ancient times and needs to open its eyes to see what is really happening in the world, it is not doctrine and blind obedience. it is real. I find that the changes the Girl Scouts make are made because girls want them. Adults also need to be aware that it’s the about the girls, not what we did 20 or 30 or 40 years ago, not what Juliette Low did 100 years ago – she planned the organization to change, not to stay stale and stagnant. Leave this organization alone, and by the way – nothing of any sensitive nature can be discussed or viewed by the girls without parental consent.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    GSUSA pays WAGGGS to fulfill their quota. Saying that money doesn’t come from “dues” is rather silly, since it comes from somewhere in the organization, whether it’s registration fees, cookie money, or donations. This is Obama-logic: Catholic insurers aren’t REALLY paying for contraceptives since that money will come from a different account.

  • Korou

    Sex education?
    Global warming?
    Non-discriminatory policies?
    Equal opportunities awareness?

    I’m not sure I see a problem.

    Maybe it’s because I’m not the kind of person who would describe the above as “politically correct pap.”

  • Tamara

    US Catholics, especially those in an official capacity with the Church, should be very careful about accusing anyone about lack of transparency or deceitful practices.

  • love2earnbadges

    If you would like to have your girls participate in a program that goes back to what scouting is all about, you may wish to check out Frontier Girls ( Our mission is to raise women of honor to be the mothers and leaders of the future through life skills, leadership, character building, teamwork, and service to others. We promote patriotism, good character, and a lifelong love of learning. With over 1200 individual badges to earn and several higher awards at each age level (preschool through high school) there is something for everyone.

  • Tamara

    You go, girl!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    The “Shut up, you child-molesters” argument didn’t take long to emerge. Please tell me: is there some subject we don’t need to be “very careful about” (ie: talk about at all) where the argument doesn’t come back to the scandals? Because as a one-stop conversation-ender, it’s a getting a bit old.

  • cowalker

    “Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion. Let’s not bicker and argue over who killed who.”

  • Joe


    You say “Leave this organization alone,” and then you proceed to diss Catholicism, all while pretending you support it. Do yourself a favor and go read a biography of Alfred Loisy. I am sure you will appreciate his contributions to the faith. Just as I am sure you are an avid supporter of Obama.

  • rita

    No, what’s getting old is that the Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church CONTINUE to cover-up and protect the child molesters. I find it amazing that anyone would invoke the Boy Scouts or Catholic Church as role models for truth and family values…last time I looked, pedaphilia was not a family value. Oh, wait, maybe you can blame Obama for that too.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Right, because every one knows any organization is only as good as the worst actions of a vanishingly small percentage of their members.

    Don’t you ever get tired of your hate? I know I did when I was like you.

  • rita

    …just tired of the hypocrisy.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    To quote Inigo Montoya: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Here’s something I wrote on the subject:

  •​RooForLife RooForLife

    I find that the changes the Girl Scouts make are made because girls want them.

    So, as parents we are to say no to our children when our children want things that are bad for them! Look at the culture today, the sexualizing of females that is a temptation to our girls to be a part of and from what I’ve seen many Catholic girls have succumbed to it. I have 2 teen daughters and it’s been a fight to not let them succumb to it. Just because society wants to sexualize our girls does NOT mean I will have any type of organization like Planned Parenthood or an organization that works with Planned Parenthood anywhere near them. If GS allows its troops partner with PP, that means it’s okay with Planned Parenthood ideology. Here are just a couple of things PP ideology that is NOT in line with Catholic Church teachings
    1. abortion PP KILLS over 300,000 unborn every year and fights to keep abortion legal including partial birth abortion! Total Abortions by PPUSA: 5,649,540
    2. Sex outside of marriage is okay 3. Contraceptive use is okay
    On this link I have 16 links which show Whats wrong with Planned Parenthood
    Most likely people will bring up the priests sex abuse scandal so Im going to share this link that tells about what the Catholic Church is doing to protect our kids against sex abuse and other facts like ~
    FACT: Catholic priests abuse at a rate far lower than that of other males in the general population.
    Notwithstanding the media hysteria over sex abuse in the Catholic Church, priests abuse at a rate far lower than that of other males. While even one case of abuse is too many, approximately only 4% of all active priests between 1950 and 2002 were even accused of abuse – a rate far lower than that of other males in the general population..CONT

  • Teresa

    I agree wholeheartedly with you Judy! I also want to know why you, Thomas, are allowing your younger than middle school age daughter decide about whether she wants to be in the Girl Scouts or not. That is irresponsible parenting. No young child should be allowed that kind of control. Step up and do the right thing for your child! Don’t let her do whatever she wants!

  • Jennifer

    Thomas, great article. I really appreciate the time you’ve put into this issue. I’m in the camp that says it’s time right now for Catholic girls to find another organization. Girl Scouts is such a far cry from where it began. GS leadership has become radical, liberal-feminist, pro-homosexual, anti-God, anti-country, male-bashing, and you just can’t tell me that that doesn’t make its way downstream to the troops. About this: “That leaves the problem of dues going to WAGGGS, and some may find that too much to bear. Since my money already goes to fund a host of radically offensive things (eg, the US government), I don’t worry about this too much.” The difference is that as taxpayers we often don’t have a choice over where the money goes. We only have so much control and ability to direct what is done with our dollars. Here, with Girl Scouts, we DO have power and choice. We don’t have to let a penny of our money be given to WAGGGS, nor should we. By participating in GS, we are voluntarily giving money to an organization we know for certain promotes all kinds of garbage that goes against our faith. We don’t have to, and I suggest maybe it’s time we stop feeding the enemy. I’m not at all convinced GS can be salvaged.

  • Mom2Scouts

    I am Catholic and a Faith Formation (religious education) teacher in my parish. I am part of a Scouting family, with 2 Girl Scouts and a Cub Scout, and husband who is an Eagle Scout. I have been an active adult volunteer with Girl Scouts for about 8 years as leader, Service Unit team member, and trainer. (A service Unit is basically all troops in a town. It’s sort of like a giant Cub Scout pack.) My husband and I are also Committee members of our son’s Cub Scout pack, he is the new Webelos den assistant. About the only thing I agree with in this article is that Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are run differently. This is neither good nor bad, just a statement of fact. I am sure there are valid reasons for their differences. I will not pit the 2 organizations against each other. I have no idea why Mr. McDonald does, unless he intends to make people pick a fight or it’s his sophomoric attempt at humor.

    The author’s real gripe is he thinks WAGGGS supports birth control and assumes that GSUSA does because of guilt by association. Mr. McDonald goes off on tangents and calls GSUSA “loosey-goosey” to discredit GSUSA in an attempt to further his cause. He seeks to purpetuate the myth that GSUSA and the local GS councils have a relationship with Planned Parenthood, which they do not. Let’s debunk his theory that GSUSA has no control over the councils…

    Does GSUSA have control over what the Councils do? Of course. For example, the content for New Leader training comes directly from GSUSA. Pretty much everything in New Leader Part A (Leadership Essentials) comes from GSUSA, this contains policy, GS leadership model, information on how to run parent and girl meetings, the program materials, etc.). The New Leader Part B course (Troop and Volunteer essentials) does contain some council specific information, as it should, because there is information about financials, car seat laws, etc in there.

    Do Girl Scout councils develop some of their own badge and patch programs and other programs? Certainly. Why? Why not. Some programs are created to address a special need or a regional interest or take advange of the availability of certain resources, such as museums, colleges/universities, historic places, etc. Council program events cover all kinds of stuff, such as nature, science, sports, careers, cooking, sewing, camping, etc. And some, like dances, are just plain fun. Why? Why not. Who doesn’t want to learn new skills and have fun? Last time I looked, my local Boy Scout council is creating its own programs for those poor unsuspecting little Cub Scouts. Horrible things called summer camp, fishing derby…

    FYI: Because the author brought up “sex ed” and other sensitive subjects: Girl Scout policy requires written parent/guardian permission in order for a girl to participate in any program which contains information of a sensitive nature.

    Why does the author bring Boy Scouts of America into this at all? Both the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are terrific organizations which espouse the same values. Why applaud the Boy Scouts for the same things for which he criticizes the Girl Scouts? If the Girl Scouts are counter to the Catholic Church, then the Boy Scouts are as well. The Girl Scout Law and Boy Scout Law are almost identical. Both reflect the Ten Commandments and as such the Boy and Girl Scouts are harmonious with Catholicism, all Christianity and Judiaism.

    Interestingly, the author says the Girl Scout events are run terribly, yet he lauds his daughter’s leader for running a fine program. Which is it? Nice back-pedaling. He also said GSUSA barely entered the picture? Hmmm…Well, then the troop must have done a some of those council’s own badges – you know, the ones GSUSA has no control over?

    MY personal experience with troop/den meetings and scout events has been the complete opposite to the author’s. MY oberservation has been that Girl Scout troop meetings and events tend to be better organized than the Cub Scout meeting/events. From that, should anyone conclude ALL Girl Scout troop meetings/events are run better than ALL Cub Scout dens/packs/events? NOOO. That would be ridiculous. The keys to successful events are good planning, organization, engaging activities, and the PEOPLE in the organization, be it Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, school classrooms, sports teams, museum programs, etc. Both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts run good programs at every level. Both organizations develop a person’s character and make positive impacts in their communities. Neither poses a threat to anyone’s faith. Enough said.

    As always, think before you type. Speak truthfully and tactfully. Humor is OK. Just be sure it’s funny.

  • catholicmomma

    Check out American Heritage Girls as a wonderful alternative to the Girl Scouts.

  • Michelle

    What is wrong with feminism? What should we be teaching girls instead? What is wrong with emphasizing a global view? It may be a complicated task to meet the needs of girls in the 21st Century — in any century, really — as the girl’s experience is different culturally and physically than the boy’s. If girls want these changes, it means they find the changes relevant to their lives. What is the point of an organization that isn’t relevant to their lives; that is, instead, relevant to the Catholic church’s perspective of what SHOULD be relevant to their lives? They are not necessarily the same thing. What would a leadership of celibate men know about what is important to a young girl? What will they know about their experience?

    The pedophile scandal is only one excellent, always at-the-ready argument against the church, but it is certainly as valid the millionth time as it was the first: Catholicism has its own issues with morality that make it suspect as society’s moral compass, and the Girl Scouts, like the nuns, are right to question it. Successfully running organizations that serve boys and men is not a stunning feat in a world that has, for the most part, done nothing but; serving the girl in modern society has, as I mentioned before, its own set of challenges that do not necessarily relate to this at all. The church officially shuts out the female voice from its leadership and penalizes even the discussion of changing this — this is its method of serving girls. It discourages feminism, which essentially promotes women’s equal treatment and opportunities to participate in the world — this is its method of serving girls. It reinforces her subservience by barring her from ordination, promoting wife-and-mother as her highest calling, no matter who she is and what she wants, and, when she does get married, preaching to her every third year or so in mass that she should obey her husband. This is how the church serves its girls. Should she reject marriage in favor of serving the church, the church thanks her by offering her little opportunity or respect compared to her male counterparts, and slams the door irreversibly shut, once again, on any hope of ordination, leaving little incentive to pursue this life. This is how the church serves its girls.

    So again, it is no surprise that men approve, once again, of the organizations they have constructed to serve their own needs. They have always done an excellent job of serving themselves. But history, and contemporary issues, show that they cannot be trusted to know what’s best for girls and women, because they are just not likely to know, or even to be very wise about it in the end. Not the Pope, not the bishops and not Thomas McDonald. Look out for your own kid, but leave the organization be.

  • Korou

    What an excellent post. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

  • Korou

    I came across this today; I think the news, which I think is wonderful, is worth sharing:

  • James Morgan

    The Boy Scouts won’t allow a gay boy or an atheist to become a member. This policy so angered the people of my home town, the state’s capital, that the city council no longer allowed Boy Scouts to use goveernment buildings such as schools to conduct meetings, and United Way dropped the Boy Scouts from among its beneficiaries. People’s sense of fairness and compassion is often better than that of its leaders and organizations.

  •​RooForLife RooForLife

    Why dont gay people and atheist make their own Scouts instead of pushing their life styles on people?

  • Korou

    Well, I suppose you could say that gays are pushing their lifestyles on other people, because then the scouts would know that gay people exist, and they might also learn that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of, and is uncommon rather than abnormal. And perhaps the existence of atheists who are scouts would challenge their lifestyles, although if scout are supposed to be about – what, team spirit, taking the initiative, working together, learning new things? – then I don’t see that this would conflict with either gay people or atheists.

    What the scouts are making clear is that part of their values are rejection and exclusion.

    Here’s a better question: why don’t the Scouts show their courage and kindness by taking marginalised boys into their group?

  • Elizabeth K.

    Mmmm, “pedaphilia” doesn’t exist, I don’t think.

    The quality of the mind that can’t spell the thing they pretend to be so outraged about is the same quality of mind who imagines such an argument is rhetorically sound.

    Sad, really. But effective in some circles.

  • Elizabeth K.

    I kind of like the “sorted” issues idea.

  • Elizabeth K.

    I find it odd that the same people who praise a city or town who disallow the Boy Scouts from meeting over their positions on atheism and homosexuality are exactly the same people who are outraged that the Catholic Church has dared to question whether the GS may have policies that run contrary to their own teachings, and thus may wish not to have them use Catholic facilities. But as usual, there’s little in the way of fairness or even logic in this position; instead we’re treated to Puritanical, smug, illogical outrage.

  • Korou

    Smug? Maybe a bit.
    Illogical? Not at all.
    Outrage: justified.
    Puritanical: Maybe not all Catholics are the same, but the ones I’ve just been talking on Bad Catholic have been telling me how sex has got out of control, and how wearing condoms is evil. Sorry, it’s not me who’s being puritanical.

    Would you like to address the issue of why the Boy Scouts are choosing to exclude gays and atheists?

  • Elizabeth K.

    No–why would I?

    Yes–illogical, and completely in line with Puritanism (which isn’t and wasn’t about sex, my historically benighted friend.) To say that it’s legitimate to attack an organization for their views on atheism and homosexuality, but to get hot under the collar when a similar organization is questioned about their views on abortion and birth control, is, in fact, a textbook example of unreason.

    Toss in all the red herrings you want, it just makes your position seem more shrill, and more unreasonable, emotional, and silly.

  • Korou

    Because that was what I was talking about. If you want to respond to it, fine. If you don’t, don’t expect me to answer you.

  • http://yahoo jane e petry

    I find it interesting that you would assume that monitoring the Girl Scouts would in fact be effective. For the past many many years the NFCYM was doing exactly that…or so we were told. Fortunately a grass roots group of mothers and grandmothers meaning myself got involved and started to expose the Girl Scouts for who they are. Yes as adults I am sure we shop or eat at places that we are unaware support PP. One very large difference…these are our girls and its in your face in their program material with porn etc. When large numbers of GS role models are lesbians, socialist, pro aborts etc. it can hardly be said they are in keeping with our Catholic faith. Who want to have their child in an organization that mades their daughter a member of Obamas YOUTH CORP? Yes by the agreement of Janet Napolitano and GSUSA Michelle Tompkins all of the girls are mbr. This is wrong and very freightening and a left wing decision as was the decision to tell girls to go to Media Matters for facts. I am a Lifetime Mbr. and 68 yrs old and I have my Gold Award (formerly First Class) and I have my Marian Award and my St. Elizabeth Ann and my St. Anne Awards given to me by the Arch. of St.L. I also worked with the Catholic Committee at the St.L. Arch for almost 30 yrs until they asked me not to consider myself a mbr. as I worked to expose these facts about the Girl Scouts whom they promote despite full knowledge of the filth they promote. Your troop is clean? GREAT…did you register? $$$ did you buy cookies? $$$$ They love you and will take your money and promote more of their filthy agenda and send girls to UN meetings promoting population control and your precious daughters will be considered in the numbers who are demanding sexual rights at 10 yrs. of age. Trust me this organization wants control of our most precious possessions our children. PP does not want money from the Girl Scouts they want access to our girls. Not easy..just necessary. God has given us the courage we need. God Bless because he who controls our youth controls our country. Do something while we still can.

  • Mya Nameo

    You absolutely have it right, Mom2Scouts!

  • Mya Nameo

    Alas, American Heritage Girls is NOT like Girl Scouts, no way, no how. It is Evangelical Christian in origin. And no, Little Flowers is more like rel ed and tea parties than Girl Scouts. And no, I will not let my kids join AWANA.

  • Tim Kluge

    TLMcD: I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet, but I was looking through the WAGGGS website after re-reading this post today, and found the following video:
    0:45 – a Captain Picard meme waiting to happen.

  • CailinsRevenge

    Girl Scouts will change – Just have to get more adults on the councils that are Catholics and get members on the National Board to be aware. People just taking snipes at them only give the snipers (like HonestGirlScout) an edge in arguments.