More on the Girl Scouts

Part 2 of my story on the Girl Scouts of America is up at the National Catholic Register. It goes through some of their problematic learning materials, leadership connections to gay rights groups, and the responses of both the GSUSA and the USCCB.

GSUSA has, in fact, been responsive to complaints in the past, removing bad links and changing troubling learning resources. Others remain, and new ones are likely to crop up, but it’s quite possible that they are committed as an organization to changing things at a national level based upon complaints from parents and religious groups. I hope this is the case.

However, the problem remains structural. Because of their organization, troops and councils have a great deal of latitude. Lacking firm mandates from the top, leaders have a much greater effect on the local experience than they do in Boy Scouts. This is good when you have good leaders who are attentive to the values of their charges, but it leaves an awful lot up to chance.

On that note, I’ll leave you with work of GSUSA’s spokesman Joshua Ackley. That’s him in the newspapers in the first video. Yeah, he’s masturbating with newspapers, which is just … ick. And ouch. [NSFW]

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

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