Saturday Song — “Never Alone”

I don’t listen to a lot of contemporary Christian music, but there are a few artists that manage to rise above the sonic sameness that seems to afflict the genre.  “Never Alone” from Barlow Girl is a nice bit of bombast about the need for faith in the face of God’s silence. There’s a kind of 1980s metal quality to it: like something Lita Ford might have done in a duet with the singer from the Scorpions. And if you think that sounds awful, then you just don’t understand.

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  • TimK

    I had (unfortunately) forgotten about this song. It used to be one of my favorites just for the message I knew it held for people in need of hearing it. Now I am one of those people, and I thank you and God’s providence for the timing of this post.
    PS: I’d never before seen the video, and I can also appreciate the secondary message conveyed by the image of the man restrained: Just stop fighting and trust Me.

  • Lee

    Thanks for posting this. I’d never heard this song before.