Archdiocese of Philadelphia Unveils New Model for Education

Something I wrote for the Register this week:

PHILADELPHIA — The Archdiocese of Philadelphia is turning the management of its 17 high schools and four special-education schools over to the Faith in the Future Foundation.

The archdiocese’s groundbreaking agreement with Faith in the Future announced today creates the first independently managed Catholic secondary-school system in the U.S. and the largest independently managed system in the nation.

The foundation was created on the recommendation of a blue-ribbon commission empaneled to identify solutions to Philadelphia’s various problems. It will assume “strategic and operational control” of the schools beginning Sept. 1 and will also serve in an advisory capacity to the 123 diocesan elementary schools.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia called the move “a historic day for Catholic education in the United States” during a signing ceremony and press conference at St. Hubert’s School for Girls.

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And for some added context, here’s a story about a somewhat similar approach that’s been effective at turning around the troubled system in Camden.

Archbishop Chaput was handed a diocese that was in crisis for various reasons, both internal and external, and has moved with skill and boldness to set it right. In the past year since his installation, I’ve watched him make one hard decision after another. I have a very short list of men I would like to see as the First American Pope. Cardinal Dolan is one, and Archbishop Chaput is the other.

And can I just add: comboxes, grrrrr. This story only had a few comments, but wouldn’t you know people had to get in their insipid little hits. Manadarin Chinese but not Latin? Heretics! (Did I say they weren’t teaching Latin? No I did not. I said they were adding Chinese.) Plenty of talk about money but none about Catholic identity. (Yes, because +Chaput is know as a raving heretic who’s going to put Richard Rohr in charge of curriculum and convert St. Hubert’s to an all-enneagram program.) Did you know CIGNA paid for abortions? (Of course, the faithful Catholic CEO of a giant secular corperation is supposed sweep in and make it comply with Catholic doctrine. Just because!)

Obama is only the second biggest enemy of Catholicism in America. The first is other Catholics.

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