Finally, A Political Pairing I Can Believe In!

I thought Clint was terrific, but then again I hate political speeches. After days of tightly scripted and overly-rehearsed political pap, it was strange, raw, clearly improvised, and honest. With every other speaker, the stage direction is tangible: “mention America, pause dramatically, look up and to the left with a misty gaze as though you’re remembering your mom.” Eastwood simply channeled Bob Newhart and Jimmy Stewart through his own iconic presence, and shot from the hip. There were some great lines in there, particularly the bit about asking the Russians for some advice on Afghanistan.

This morning, I’m just soaking up all the leftie talking points about Clint being a senile old fool. Keep it up, kids: that should play well with the AARP crowd you need so desperately to win.

Rubio’s speech was just a stump speech for Rubio 2020. As for Romney? Feh. Boilerplate. I’ll probably pull to R-lever because he’s NotObama, and I’d vote for Ruby the Wonder Chicken before I’d vote for four more years of Carter II: The Malaisening.

Then again, since I’m in a horrible backwards blue state, I could actually write in “Ruby the Wonder Chicken” for all the difference my vote will have. And I know Ruby believes in what I believe in: small government, non-interventionist foreign policy, and eating ticks.

I ask you, do either Romney or Obama support the tick-eating constituency? They do not.

UPDATE: There’s one really key point about the Eastwood thing: it was mockery of Obama. The media, the entertainment community, the pols, the commentariat: everyone has made one thing very clear: there is nothing to mock about this man. He’s simply too amazingly wonderful! A lightbringer! A transformational force for humanity!

I don’t remember who said it (Jaimie Foxx?) or his exact words, but some star remarked that you can’t joke about Obama because he’s just too awesome: beautiful wife (?), smart (not nearly as smart as he thinks he is), good-looking (you mean the Steve Urkel of modern politics?), and talented (if BS is a talent, then yes). The man has squeaked through 4 years of an amateur presidency marked by narcissism, laziness, and imcompetence, and he’s not able to be mocked? Because he’s black? That earns him a “Get Out of Mockery Free” card? Screw that.

Well, the biggest movie-star alpha-male just took the piss out of him with a withering barrage of mockery. It’s what actual entertainers on all sides of the political spectrum should have been doing all along, but few had the stones to do it, and the rest were blinded by idolatry.

And when you have people dredging up Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man as an excuse for calling Eastwood a racist, what can you even say? I had a Twitter message last night from someone who monitors leftie talking points saying that the Ellison thing was suggested as a point of attack while Eastwood was still talking. You have to admire the childishness of the connections: Clint was pretending to talk to someone who wasn’t there. It’s like that person was invisible. A black man wrote a book called Invisible Man. Obama is black. Raaaaaaaaacism!

Funny thing about the dog-whistle of imaginary racism: only racists can hear it.

[h/t Frank Weathers for the heads up on the Ellison post.]

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  • Frank Weathers

    Are you sure about that last statement? Are you absolutely certain “they do not?” ;)

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    The first one to come to my house and say, “I support the right of every man, woman, child, and hen to eat ticks” gets my vote and a donation for $6.48.

  • craigdetweiler

    Stay classy, Thomas.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    You’re throwing around casual accusations of racism and I need to stay classy? You lefties are just so cute!

  • victor

    I have to admit to being initially shocked by Eastwood’s appearance. I guess I was expecting a bunch of movie quotes strung together with applause lines. But he was brought in to fire up the base for Rubio (I mean for Romney), and he did a great job of that. I personally love it when old men appear daffy and senile, while they’re landing some pretty heavy punches — the punches are so heavy because you never see them coming until it’s far too late. Last night, Eastwood was senex personified.

  • Karen LH

    I liked Clint Eastwood’s bit also. As for the rest… probably I’m a bit of a chump, but Romney’s and Ryan’s speeches left me thinking that the country might actually have a chance.

  • Faith

    I thought Eastwood was embarrassing, but then I am not into mockery. I hardly ever watch political speeches; they embarrass me (I guess I just generally find politics embarrassing!), but I thought Romney did a great job, which made me sad because I think Obama will win anyway and then we’ll have to spend 4 very depressing years watching the country go down the tubes.

  • Ron119

    “He’s simply too amazingly wonderful! A lightbringer! A transformational force for humanity!”
    A lightbringer?
    I guess this is who Alinsky dedicated his book to, Rules for Radicals.

  • MarieS

    Don’t assume that just because your state is likely (or even certainly) to go D that your vote is unimportant. Remember all the arguments in 2000 that Gore ‘won’ because of the popular vote. We need to make sure that both the popular and electoral vote margins are high enough to preclude O’s army of lawyers from having anything to work with or manipulate.

    If the ‘Catholic vote’ provides the margin of victory for the Rs, so much the better for making our voices heard.