In your face agricultural-industrial complex!

It took five months, about $600, and daily work, but two of our birds just laid their first eggs. These are the small eggs they lay when they start, but they’ll get bigger as the birds get older. Diamond and Ruby are the stars of the day: Amber is still slacking off, but we expect her to start producing any day now. (I keep a KFC bucket by the coop to remind them what happens to birds wot don’t produce.)

As for the cost, the folks in our 4H club introduced me to the idea of Chicken Math: the first egg costs about $600. Every egg after that is free.

Thanks, Y'all
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  • Gary Chapin

    The work is its own reward, and you don’t go into back yard ag to make money. Well done, Pa!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    I got in to backyard ag for wholly noble and redeeming reasons: to stick it to the man.

  • shanaofs

    Congratulations to you and the pullets!

    Did any of them sing to the world their joyful “I Laid an Egg” song or get the All-Chicken Choir involved? Each pullet will find a rhythmic clucking song that she will sing loudly out to the world, and sometimes, many of the others will join her with a song of their own, creating the All-Chicken Choir.

    We have 18 hens of many breeds and sizes and there are mornings when one begins her clucking ‘egg song’ and suddenly the whole coop erupts with the combined egg songs of most of the hens. It is hilarious to hear….. when it isn’t eight in the morning and I’m still hoping for another hour or two of sleep!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    We played The Laying Song in order to encourage them to start, and they were singing it today.Then we left for dinner and mass, and when we got back two of them had dropped their first eggs, and the other was already looking redder in the comb.

  • Mark Shea

    Your yolk is easy and your birding is light.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Truly awful. I love it. (Waiting for Shea to pick my pocket next…)

  • Marya

    Congratulations! Although my town allows raising chickens for egg-laying, I live in a condo complex so no chickens for me. But truly fresh eggs are a blessing.

  • victor

    Congrats! (That was to Mark, for the pun!) and CONGRATS!!! (that was to you for the egg!).