I’ve Been Memed

Thanks to Allison for making this!

I was also impressed by these balanced and sane thoughts from John Michael Talbot, via his public Facebook page. We may disagree on how to achieve certain goals, but I absolutely agree with the sentiments and the spirit. This needs to be the starting point for anyone who hopes to heal this country.

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  • EMS

    Which is why I’m voting for the US Christian Democrat candidate – Joe Schriner. It is the only party that combines the good parts of the Dems and the Reps. I wish more Catholics would find out about it; it could become a viable third party. Or even a viable one of the top two, if people knew about it. Not that my vote will matter to the election; Obama will win in my state regardless.

  • Jared

    I’d *consider* Romney if I lived in a swing state because he is slightly less bad than our current president; however, I live in Alabama, and the only thing that could stop my state from voting Romney is if the Second Coming happens this October. Thank you, for sharing a protest vote that could actually mean something, even if we are stuck with the mainstream parties in this election.

  • http://davidgriffey.blogspot.com/ Dave G.

    I live in a swing state, perhaps one of THE swing states – Ohio. I can’t afford to vote for Mickey Mouse. I still am no fan of Romney, or the GOP for that matter. And it was more than just Bush’s disastrous presidency that got me there. I’ve always been an independent.

    Now I didn’t watch all of both conventions. But I watched enough to conclude this: the election is about America becoming a heartless nation, or America becoming a hellish nation. Largely because of where the official platforms are. Not that both parties aren’t knee deep with people who advocate things flat out against the Faith. But there’s one that proudly waves the flag, and another that, at least on paper, is far less openly hostile. That is on my mind.

  • Monika

    Given that the Democrats actually boo-ed God, mass twittered Dolan to ^%$& himself, I think there is a greater difference than you might think.

  • Thomas R

    I don’t live in a swing state so I’ve generally been leaning to something like Schriner, but I’m not sure. For me the Democratic Convention was kind of disturbing. I don’t like Romney, politically I mean as he might be an okay guy, but I can kind of see the urge to vote for a viable opponent of Obama. To feel you’re not just standing on the sidelines disliking the whole system. (Although I’m not totally opposed to doing that and did so in 2004. I haven’t decided)

  • KT

    Concerning corporate welfare, it may be useful to look into what Democrats do more closely than what they say. Republicans aren’t the only ones who push corporate welfare. And remember that regulatory complexity favors “regulatory capture”, while favoring larger corporations over smaller ones. http://pjmedia.com/instapundit/?s=corporate+welfare

  • mike schriner

    Don’t waste your vote on Joe Schriner. He is as phony as the come.