But Will It Have an Austrian Accent?

I’m starting to get fed up with creepy new robots that look like they were designed solely to smash through walls and tear John and Sarah Connor apart piece by piece. DARPA’s Robotics Challenge has yielded this potential Cyberdyne Systems T-101 hunter-killer prototype. It’s called “Pet-Proto” and it’s the work of Boston Dynamics. The critter is bipedal, autonomous and smart enough to navigate terrain on its own.

YouTube Preview Image


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  • Ted Seeber

    Well, minimally so. Looks to me like a strong wind would give this thing’s sensors quite the challenge. I’m sure it will get better, but a robot that needs to be held upright with a rope isn’t even a match for the processing power of the human inner ear.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com Thomas L. McDonald

    I think that might be a tether for the CPU, which hadn’t been made small enough to be onboard and selF-contained. The specs require that it stand and move on its own.

  • victor

    Boston Dynamics makes the freakiest robots. And if you doubt the stability of their robots, check out some of the YouTube videos for their Big Dog robot. FREAKY!