It’s Advent in Lego City!

It’s the 1st of December, which means all over the world eager Catholic kids are digging into door #1 of their Advent calenders for an undoubtedly disappointing piece of tiny, low-grade chocolate. Here at Casa McD, we roll a bit differently.

I’m going to be tweeting the next 24 days of offerings from the Lego Advent Calender, because that’s as exciting as life gets in South Jersey when the chickens are on a winter laying schedule. Our Calendar is last year’s release, #2824, and I think some figures change from year to year. I bought this one on January 2nd when it went on sale, and I’ll probably do the same thing this year.

Honestly, I just think it’s pretty awesome that a major toy manufacturer still produces a product line with a religious theme. They even have a Star Wars version. (Playmobil, by the way, makes a creche and offers a Three Wise Men expansion, as well as an angel with St. Nicholas in full bishop’s mitre and crozier!)

Interesting to note: “rabidly secular” Europe is home to the two major toy manufacturers making products with exclusively Christian religious meaning, while good ole American Hasbro and Mattel can’t be bothered.

Anyway, here’s the Day One offering: a snowman who will actually make it all the way to Christmas without melting. He’s modelling the best in Lego top hat, carrot, and broom, and looks a bit like an albino Dalek. The box flips open to create a little scene of the city.

You want to know what kind of Lego geeks I have for kids? They opened this and got giddy about a 1/2-inch piece of shaped orange plastic, saying, “Ooo! A carrot! We don’t have any Lego carrots! They’re rare!”

Yes, it’s expensive (about $1.10 a day), but one day my kids won’t be excited about Lego vegetables, and then I’ll be sad.

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  • Linebyline

    Why do they call them “Advent Calendars” when they always start on Dec. 1? They should just call them “Christmas Countdown Calendars,” which would be more accurate as well as alliterative.

    Also LEGO = awesome.

  • Joshua Paine

    Fisher Price Little People have done quite a few nativity sets over the years and at least a couple sets of Noah’s Ark.