“Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabelle”


Okay, so I said I was signing off for the rest of the pre-Christmas season, but I think I’ll post some more uncommon Christmas songs and poems for the next few days, such as this dandy little French ditty. “Un Flambeau, Jeannette, Isabella” (also spelled Isabelle in some copies) dates to 16th century France, and [Read More...]

Veni Veni


I’m getting ready to sign off for Christmas in order to focus less on blogging and squabbling and news, and more on Jesus. I’d like to leave you with a little bit of music and beauty as I go. Latin is just a neat language. I don’t mean neat as in “cool,” like the kids [Read More...]

I Am Simcha Fisher

I wanna write like Simcha when I grow up

The Awesome Simcha Fisher (that’s actually her full name: she’s just too humble to use it) is apparently being attacked by a variety of Catholics I think we can all agree kinda suck: those without senses of humor.  The Humorless Catholic is a plague I thought was anathematized back at Trent (“Any man discovered to have a stick up his butt, [Read More...]

Harry on Mary

“Sorry Excuse for Blogging” goes into it’s fourth straight day! Held over by popular demand! Who knew that nasty colds and 10 years of immunosuppressants were a bad combination? Anyway, here’s one of my favorite seasonal songs, just so you don’t think I’ve forgotten you: Harry Connick’s “Mary’s Little Boy Child.” I like it because it’s unabashedly Marian [Read More...]



F. Paul Wilson (author of The Keep and the Repairman Jack series) shared this one on Facebook (forwarded from a reader), and since I’m still whacked out on hi-grade cough medicine and spending my days drifting in and out of a codeine haze in which I celebrate the seasons by frolicking with a gummi baby [Read More...]

A Scene From My Home


I’m down with a bad cold, so I’m just going to share a touching image from one of our many creches. No one talks about the Fourth Wise Man, but he brought the gift of braaaains: Nativity set from Playmobile. Also, for those not following the Twitter feed of daily Lego Advent pictures, today’s was [Read More...]


Emelie Parker

[Read more...]

Love It!


After the previous post, here’s a little slice of unalloyed joy from the Vatican Radio’s Facebook page. Sorry kid: we’re fresh out of St. Nicholas, but we do have Peter. [Read more...]