Amazon Autorip Goes Live: Free MP3s From CDs

Have you bought a CD (as opposed to an MP3 album) from Amazon since 1998? Then you should check your Amazon Cloud Player, because the songs on that CD just may be available as free MP3s.

Amazon’s new “AutoRip” feature provides free MP3 files for CDs purchased directly from Amazon. The entire library is not yet up, but I just logged in and had 98 new tracks on my Cloud Player, all autoripped from hard-media CDs I purchased (and ripped) long ago.

Check it out!

UPDATE: Why, yes, if you bought a CD as a gift for someone, you do get the MP3s. Score!

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  • TC

    Now how about giving us the Kindle version for free when we buy a book?

  • victor

    But then everyone would just buy the print version and Amazon would lose boatloads of money. ;-)

  • victor

    Oh, and the service is VERY cool. I have 515 “new” songs from CDs I’ve bought over the years (some of which I gave as gifts… shhh! Don’t tell Amazon!). Of course, since I pay the $10 for Rhapsody every month, they’re already tunes I have access to in the cloud and can download to an MP3 player to boot, but it’s still a very cool service. Lots of albums in there that I forgot I owned and which deserve another listen.

  • victor

    So thanks for the heads-up, is what I’m saying. I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise!

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    “I endeavor to give satisfaction, suh.”