Try Some Bluegrass Gospel: You’ll Like It

Del McCoury is the best bluegrass vocalist alive, and perhaps the best ever. His voice is so pure, so high, so lonesome, it could cut glass. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, but for those who love the old sounds, it doesn’t get much better. I’ve seen Del live (in concert with the late great Doc Watson) and collected him for years, and he and his band consistently produce the best traditional string music you’ll find.

Gospel songs are part of every bluegrass set, but until 2007′s The Promised Land, Del had never issued an all-gospel record. Thanks to Amazon’s crazy deals, you can now own all 14 tracks of Promised Land for only $5. I think this is part of their January deals, so don’t wait too long.

Here’s a clip from Youtube…

YouTube Preview Image

…and you can listen to samples at the Amazon listing.  These are no old standbys, but a good selection of Christian songs that haven’t been done to death. As a reviewer at Amazon points out, “If you love bluegrass and the Lord, then this is the CD for you.” Amen, sister.

Some other Del is also selling on the cheap at Amazon, including By Request, Family Circle, Old Memories: The Songs of Bill Monroe, and American Legacies, all for $5.

And, here’s Del doing one of my favorites: that fun old murder/ghost ballad Eli Renfro.

YouTube Preview Image



"The Man Comes Around" [Dark Country: Songs For October]
"God's Gonna Cut You Down" [Dark Country: Songs For October]
"Caleb Meyer" [Dark Country: Songs For October]
"The Snakes Crawl At Night" [Dark Country: Songs For October]
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  • Gary Chapin

    My favorite. The whole album is fantastic.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    Marty Stuart is one of those people–like Dolly (and even Charo)–who you need to separate from their image to take seriously: terrific talent, goofy hair and clothes.

  • Brian Sullivan

    So there’s a chance for me. Oh, wait…. Love Del McCoury!

  • Julian

    $5 Del! Thanks for the tips! Ronnie McCoury is also a top-notch mandolin player.

  • CarolHS

    Blugrass gospel is like a lullaby to me, like home. Grew up listening to my Dad play guitar and mandolin in church.